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Raising Women of Worth: Embracing the significance of being a Mom

Cru Singapore’s range of ministries serve different communities at various seasons of life with the vision of building disciple-making movements everywhere. One such ministry is Wow Mom (Women of Worth, Moms on Mission). Wow Mom aims to affirm women of their worth in Christ and equip wives and mothers discover and live out their purpose. 

Passionate about helping women understand their significance as a mother, Jodi Yong, Wow Mom ministry coordinator, shared, “As mothers, we sometimes lose sight of how important our role is, or we lose our sense of identity. Wow Mom wants to empower mothers to know their value in Christ and be able to teach and set a godly example for our children, as well as reach our circles of influence to encourage others and point them to Jesus.” 

Grace (second from right) with other Wow Mom ladies

Grace Tan, a mother of three daughters, experienced this development as she journeyed with the Wow Mom community as a participant in 2019 before taking the step to lead two Wow Mom groups.

“I first heard of Wow Mom through my friend, Sophie, who was also leading a Wow Mom group at the time. She shared that a group of mothers gathered to study the Bible and encourage each other through motherhood,” she said. 

Grace continued, “At the time, I wanted to know the Bible better and find a community to grow with. After praying and seeking God, I decided to join Wow Mom and was placed in Sophie’s group by divine arrangement.” 

Wow Mom group (pre-Covid) meet up

Wow Mom groups focus on understanding God’s word and empowering women through their experience of motherhood. Grace explained, “Wow Mom groups are different from church cell groups because we learn to apply biblical truths as a child of God, wife and mother. It’s a safe place to be ourselves, share transparently and be real with our struggles, happiness, anger or disappointments.” 

“I love meeting to share about our lives and families. We joke, cheer on, and pray for one another. We also have a WhatsApp chat group where we share our joys, prayer requests and even good deals!” Grace laughed. 

After growing in her Wow Mom group for a year, Grace was challenged to take the next step to start leading this year. She recalled, “There were so many concerns going through my mind. Will I be a good example? Do I have a heart for mothers? Is this what the Lord wants?”

Wow Mom meeting over Zoom

“I remember taking a few weeks to pray about it. God spoke clearly to me about two things. Firstly, He gently reminded that it’s not about me. He said that, like Paul, He can use me regardless of my past and flaws.”

“Secondly, God shared His heart for mothers with me—how much He loves us, and the significance of a mother and wife in His eyes. Wives can influence and encourage their spouses to grow strong in the Lord which helps their husbands lead the family well. Mothers influence their children’s values, speech, behaviour and more. God wants to partner with and grow us to be the mother and wife He has called us to be and enable us to shape godly families,” Grace continued. 

With these confirmations, Grace took on the responsibility of leading two groups and never looked back. “I’m so amazed at how God connects us. In just a few sessions, we can feel like we have known each other for years. It has truly been a joy and honour to be part of these deep connections. I thank God for the opportunity to serve these amazing mums,” she ended with a smile.


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