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Xchange Cultural Training

If you would like to serve God for a longer term on the mission field for a year or more, drop us an email to indicate your interest.

As you prepare to go long term, we would love to resource you with handles through our Xchange programme. Since 2010 we have been coaching and training those moving to foreign countries to engage and embrace their host cultures. We practice engaging a culture, reflecting on what was learned and repeating the process so our families may embrace their new host culture.

You can contact us about Xchange at or

Missions Booth

During Missions month, we can help set up a booth at your church to rally and mobilise members for Missions. 

We can also have speakers share on Missions-related topics and would also be glad to help establish partnerships for Mission trips!

TCK (Third Culture Kids)

Initially Third Culture Kids were the children of expatriates including: missionaries, military personnel, diplomats, and businessmen.

Today there are many reasons families live abroad -mainly due to increased migration and globalization. 

No matter which nation they may have come from, our TCK ministry seeks to come alongside and support youths and young adults in their adjustment here in Singapore. 

We organise activities, retreats and even mission trips! Get in touch with us to find out more!


For more info, contact us at:

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