Helping Others Grow

Giving through the Lens of the Cross

What does giving have to do with Lent?

Discipleship Redefined: Conferences Go Digital

Over a year ago, this team was formed with the sole purpose of running Cru’s first physical conference, UNVEIL: Breaking Free. In 2020, Cru’s Conference Team found itself becoming one of Cru’s most utilised teams.

UNVEILx #AskMeAnything: Let’s Talk About Suicidal Thoughts

In this UNVEILx series, we hear from our panel of youth and young adults in #AskMeAnything - as they engage with pastors and leaders and talk through these tricky issues together.

Mental Health: The Importance Of Authentic Community

How can small groups be authentic communities for both youths and adults struggling with mental health? Hear from Lead Counsellor of ThriveSg and registered counsellor with the Singapore Association for Counselling, Pamela Koh, as she shares her insights on this issue.

Helping Young People Find Direction

In today's changing times, read on to find out how can we better support our young people to chart out meaningful lives.

Mums, is it possible to live a balanced life?

With over 20 years of counseling experience, Dr Magdeline Voon shares some perspectives on motherhood, the pressure of balancing work, family and managing the home.

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God."

UNVEILx webinar series: The Beatitudes (Session 3b)

"Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy."

Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy. Mercy is when we have a deep concern for people in need. Discover how we can walk in God's mercy.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

"Blessed are the poor in spirit.". It is only in surrender, that we are able to discover the lasting happiness that the Kingdom of God offers.

Understanding and Managing the Impact from Circuit Breaker and our Families of Origin

Did you know that going through the recent Circuit Breaker and Phase 1, meant that our families became our only source of physical contact for 73 days? We hear from the professionals to understand what that really means, and how to manage the effects of this time.

Live Powerfully and Purposefully Each Day

What does it actually mean to live with both purpose and power?

How can we truly “Be strong and courageous”?

How many times have we heard, and quoted, "be strong and courageous"? Do we really know what this means for us?

What Will the Church be Known For?

How we choose to respond in this time will leave people with the answer to this question. What will your choice be today?

Discipleship in an Age of Unprecedented Digitalisation

Thoughts from a young adult on how we can respond to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

The Future of Youth Ministry in Singapore

What is the future of youth ministry here in Singapore? What are the challenges that the ministry is encountering in the youth sectors? Learn more at Cru!

How Campus Ministry Needs to Adapt

Have the rules of engagement changed in campus outreach and discipleship?

The (DIS-)CONNECTED Generation

The Connected Generation project is a partnership of Barna and World Vision, surveying more than 15,000 respondents, aged 18 to 35, across 25 countries and 9 languages. Here's a reflection on the findings.

Mental Health and the Church

Do you know that one in seven Singaporeans has experienced a mental disorder in their lifetime? Discover how mental health and the church can co-exist.

Youth Mental Health in a Digital World

Growing up as digital natives, youths today have the added challenge of navigating the fast-paced world of social media and technology. Added to that is nature's trial of puberty, grappling through identity, emotions and the demands of school and home life. Find out how this impacts their mental health from the professionals as we learn from their experience.

Discipleship Is Messy

What exactly is "discipleship?" Why is it messy—and more so—in today's cultural context?

Living Uni Life to the Fullest with Less on Your Plate

Pulled in all directions, Ashley was near burnout by the end of freshman year. Learn about her journey towards a more fulfilling life on campus.

Ministering to Gen Z in Church

Shepherding our Gen Zs in Church takes more than just strategies and programmes.

Helping Christians through Depression

An estimated 4.4% of the world’s population suffer from depression. Are you currently struggling with depression in your discipleship journey? Or are you currently mentoring someone who is battling depression every day? Welcome to the discipleship landscape of today.

“Bible in a Year” Plans Can Work for You

Even working as a writer for a Christian organization, Rebecca found it hard to reconcile the God she saw who was angry in the Old Testament with the loving Jesus in the New. Until a new resource helped her see the Bible as one big story.

Learn 5 Techniques to Study the Bible

Use these different methods of Bible study to learn more about applying God’s truth to your life.

Surrendering Control of Your Life

Surrender control of your challenges to the Holy Spirit.

Helping New Believers Grow

Six essential steps to start someone on the road toward Christian maturity.

Do You Disciple?

Two Cru staff members share their advice on discipleship, a commonly used term yet vaguely understood subject. Discipleship is walking alongside someone; challenging them to study and live out the Bible in their life, and to influence others with the gospel.

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