The Early Years


With the vision of reaching tomorrow's leaders on today's college campuses. Bill and Vonnette Bright founded Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI) on the UCLA campus.

Bailey and Elizabeth Marks, Kent and Diane Hutcheson (US CCC staff) set up CCC's Asia headquarters in Singapore. Raised our first Singaporean staff, Nedunghat and Sally Sankaran.

Singapore Campus Crusade for Christ was officially registered.

Campus ministry began with 6 graduates from the University of Singapore.

The Sankarans started the Housing Estate Ministry. Reached 50,000 homes in 25 housing estates with the gospel by 1980.

Work among Polytechnic students, nurses and medical undergraduates began.

Master illusionist, André Kole, presented the claims of Christ to a packed audience in Singapore National Theatre.

Ministry expanded to military men and high schools. Chinese Ministry in Nanyang University started.

Formed with the vision to provide resources that impact lives, the Mass Media Ministry now produces and distributes books to 20 countries.

Nation-wide "I Found It" campaign

Partnering 200 churches, and with 10 different types of media, the gospel reached 71,841 persons. 36% indicated decisions for Christ, and more than 5000 enrolled in follow-up classes.

Operation Andrew mobilised 16,090 'Andrews' and 65,284 people were brought to Billy Graham Rallies.

First 6 missionaries to Baguio, Philippines.

Ministry began among working adults and professionals.


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