Train & Grow

Looking to move forward in your spiritual journey? We have the content to help you, from learning about core beliefs of the Christian faith to individual devotionals and resources on prayer and fasting.


Fasting Starter Kit

Want to fast but not sure where to start? Maybe you just need a little boost. Bring this resource kit along to help guide you during your fast.
Here you’ll find tips, recipes, devotional material and even a free e-book to help draw you closer to God during your fast.

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Grow Your Faith

Spiritual Growth

Looking to move forward in your spiritual journey?

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Bible Studies

Access a wealth of Bible study resources and materials.

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Life & Relationships

Explore the questions you have about navigating through life.

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Share the Gospel

Sharing your faith is one of your most important callings as a follower of Jesus. Learn about the heart of evangelism and engaging strategies you can use to help reach others for Christ.

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Help Others Grow


Understand how to spend time with someone regularly talking about God, the Bible and life.

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Leading Small Groups

Learn to embrace community and fellowship, grow in biblical knowledge and ask hard questions.

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Transferable Training

Use these strategies and tools for small group, discipleship and personal growth.

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Transferable Concepts

Read through these how-to articles to help grow your walk with Jesus.

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Digital Ministry

Social Media

Start learning the basics of each social platform to the most strategic ways to create an advertisement using social media.

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Apps & Tools

Connect the people you care about to God. These apps help with preaching the gospel into the world, so you can help reach the whole world.

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Content Strategy

When it comes to your digital ministry presence, content is king. Learn how you can be most effective with your content to reach others.

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Classic Cru

See a collection of classic Cru material from founder Bill Bright to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus.

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Language Resources

View our top Cru resources in more than 20 languages.

“Cru has deepened my faith and strengthened my beliefs. Caleb introduced me to Cru last year and has helped me learn and understand what it means to be a follower of Christ. I hope to go on summer mission sometime with Cru to spread the gospel elsewhere. To him and the Cru community, I thank!”

– Collin Lee


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