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A New Reason To Live

What do Christians believe about God and life? In this short article, we offer a new #reasontolive.

Is God Real?

Just once wouldn’t you love for someone to simply show you the evidence for God’s existence? Well, here are six straight-forward reasons to believe.

Staying Emotionally Healthy During COVID-19

Are you feeling restless or anxious in this pandemic season? Here're a few tips to stay sane!


A ministry that focuses on personal growth, emotional wellness & resilience through cultivating self-discovery and providing emotional healing - find out how you can thrive significantly today.

Growing your faith

What is Christianity?

Everything you wanted to know about the Christian faith.

How To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit

Explore the truth of the Spirit-filled life with resources on how to be filled with, walk with, and experience the Holy Spirit.

How To Share Your Faith

Wondering how you could share the Christian faith in a simple and clear manner? These four symbols represent the central message of the Bible.

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