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Rediscovering Fresh Ways to Talk About Jesus

Reclaiming the art of story-telling in outreach and discipleship

In 2018, Cru Singapore launched LiveSg, a three-year initiative to help people live significantly. “LiveSg started as new vernacular to call people who truly followed Christ,” said Amos Ang, Cru Singapore’s City Strategy Head, who’s also the key champion of LiveSg initiative.

The idea then was for everyday folks to share what God is doing in their lives as a way of life.

“Simply put, LiveSg is about people finding their significance in God and serving others, helping them to find significance too,” explained Thomas Franks, Executive Producer of True Focus who helmed LiveSg’s eight-video story series of Christians who help others discover meaning and significance in their lives.

“In a world full of suffering and needs, people need to know where and how to find significance. Through LiveSg’s real-life stories, we see examples of people facing overwhelming challenges and difficulties yet finding real hope in Christ.”


Jason Ong and his family

We love because He first loved

Understanding that we are first loved (1 John 4:19) as Christ’s redeemed is a key starting point of living significantly.

“The motivation of wanting to live significantly is our relationship with Him. Only when we are connected to God’s heart will we be able to step out in faith, grab on to divine opportunities and boldly be His witness.”

“Simply put, it is being Jesus to someone in our everyday lives,” Amos reflected.

Showcasing individuals who have chosen to do that on LiveSg 2019 video series, Thomas added, “These are stories of people finding purpose in the pain and using their lives as blessings to others despite difficulties.”

[LiveSg] - Jimmy Ong

Through these eight videos, we learnt how:

1. Longdy Chhap, a polio-sufferer who eventually became a beneficiary of Hagar Singapore found the strength to forgive;

2. Jonathan Muk, Amanda Chong and Michelle Yeo co-founded ReadAble, a non-profit organisation that runs literacy and educational programmes for children;

3. Jimmy Ong discovered God and also a new purpose in life as a motivational speaker and author;

4. “Gangster lawyer” Josephus Tan who is now making good his promise to God by defending the poor and underprivileged pro bono;

5. Operation Mobilisation (OM) Missions Coordinator, Jiamin Choo-Fong’s journey out of the harbour on Doulos;

6. Cru staffer Patrick Ng re-ignited his love for art through depression and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD);

7. Olive Vine’s co-founder Jason Ong’s perseverance in missions work despite battling terminal illness;

8. Kenneth and Adeline Thong’s radical obedience to God led to the birth of The Last Resort, opening up their home to youths who need a place to stay. 

By God’s grace, all eight LiveSg videos garnered a combined total of 1.8 million unique views on Facebook alone.

[LiveSg] The Last Resort: Kenneth and Adeline Thong

Giving from the overflow

A huge part of LiveSg is to motivate individuals to see evangelism beyond mere gospel presentations or invitations to evangelistic events. Every individual’s journey in discovering his/her significance in God naturally leads to an overflow of new life into the day-to-day.

These narratives of redemption and healing help give depth and handles for seekers who cannot see beyond religious affiliation in accepting Christ in their lives.

Amos shared, “Living the abundant life is more than just about ourselves—it is about impacting others for good.”

“We want to create organic movements of personal ministries where people love God, being passionate about what they do and learn to venture out in faith, starting simply by encouraging someone today. Ultimately, to be blessings to their networks of influence and attracting others to do the same.”

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