Stories by Deborah Ng

Deborah is passionate about capturing different perspectives to create relevant and impactful content. She enjoys meaningful conversations and collecting experiences, but also loves time spent just with a good book and cup of coffee.

Missionary Kid Turned Missionary

Meet Josephine Loh, Cru Singapore’s youngest STINTer moving over to Budapest to serve with MK2MK (Missionary Kid 2 Missionary Kid), a Cru ministry.

Online Missionary

Do you want to be an online missionary? Cru Singapore welcomes anyone who wishes to participate in our various volunteer and charitable activities!

Rediscovering Fresh Ways to Talk About Jesus

Reclaiming the art of story-telling in outreach and discipleship

Returning for the 99 Percent

Tracking with Cru Singapore’s latest missionary family in Japan

Digital Ministry is Now for Everyone

True or False: The credit for many organisations’ digital transformation in 2020 goes to COVID-19?

Here I Am: Responding in Obedience

Get to know Cru Singapore’s newly transitioned Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Goh Hock Chye, as he shares with us some significant moments and lessons he's learnt over 25 years in ministry.

Impact Of Social Media On Youth In Singapore | Cru Singapore

Discover the potential harms and benefits of social media and how to help the youth to balance their online and offline life with us at Cru Singapore!

Mental Health and the Church

Do you know that one in seven Singaporeans has experienced a mental disorder in their lifetime? Discover how mental health and the church can co-exist.

How Campus Ministry Needs to Adapt

Have the rules of engagement changed in campus outreach and discipleship?

Youth Ministry in Singapore

What is the future of youth ministry here in Singapore? What are the challenges that the ministry is encountering in the youth sectors? Learn more at Cru!

What Will the Church be Known For?

How we choose to respond in this time will leave people with the answer to this question. What will your choice be today?

Giving through the Lens of the Cross

What does giving have to do with Lent?

Missionaries in Japan

Preparing for missions in Japan? Here are two cultural nuances you might want to understand about the Japanese and three tips for short-term trippers.

Disrupting Missions for Good

Meet Singapore's digital strategists at the forefront of digital revolution in global missions

How Can I Respond Well To COVID-19 and Circuit Breaker Extension?

In this time where literally the whole world has been thrown into the most unique and challenging experience we have encountered, what does it mean to be a follower of Christ?

Circuit Breaker, Social Media and You

Are you finding yourself spending more and more time online during this circuit breaker? As we engage more with social media, do we really know how it’s impacting our lives?

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