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With the challenges that moms face every day, we recognize that being a mom sure isn't easy! Often moms feel our spiritual growths are put on hold as a result of caring for our families. Every mother needs to be encouraged and inspired in this journey.

Since 1985, WOW MOM offers a safe community for support and encouragement with fellow mothers, through discipleship programme and coaching according to the stages of motherhood.

Free From The Trap

Free From The Trap

My relationship with my mother-in-law changed drastically with the presence of my three kids. With the arrival of each kid, it seemed more strained and I felt more belittled.

From Valley to Mountains

From Valley to Mountains

I first noticed that my older son had speech and learning delay when he was about 3 years old. His struggles manifested as temper tantrums and difficult behaviours from a young age as he could not express himself well.

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WOW MOM is a discipleship ministry for moms. We meet regularly meet together in small groups to grow in our spiritual life, marriage and motherhood. To understand more about us, please read this.

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Pursue the relationships that matter most  Your family is important. No matter what your current circumstances are, or what your family history has been, we believe that God is able to transform your situation.

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