Women Of Worth. Moms On Mission.

Our Mission

To affirm women of their great worth in Christ, equip them to be Godly wives and moms who can be engaged in helping to fulfil the Great Commission.

What We Do

We meet regularly in small discipleship groups for:

  • Bible study & sharing about our relationship with God
  • Learning to reach out & bless others with God’s love
  • Mutual encouragement & support in our journeys as wives and moms.

A Word From Our Coordinator

Joshua 3:5; NASB

Then Joshua said to the people,

"Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you."

Over here the Lord promised Israel that He would do amazing things among them. Just to name two. God parted the water of Jordan for Israel to cross (Joshua 3, 4). Israel took down Jericho with an unconventional battle plan. (Joshua 6).

As we read these accounts, we were in awe of God. You may also wonder - Will God do the same for me? Yes, He will, my sisters!! The prerequisite is found in this act - "CONSECRATE" (Joshua 3:5). Consecration is an act to separate oneself from unclean things for God. He told Israel to be consecrated (Joshua 3:5) before He parted Jordan. Israel was asked by God to be circumcised (an act of consecration) before conquering Jericho (Joshua 4).

So, my dear sisters-in-Christ, will you be willing to consecrate yourself? 

I look forward to hear God's amazing works in & through you.


Jodi Yong

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With the challenges that moms face every day, we recognise that being a mom sure isn’t easy! Often moms feel our spiritual growths are put on hold as a result of caring for our family. Every mother needs to be encouraged and inspired in this journey.

Wow Mom offers a safe community for support and encouragement with fellow mothers, through discipleship program and coaching according to the stages of motherhood. Whoever you are, and whatever age your kids are at, we welcome you! 

Get in touch with a Wow Mom group near you today.

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For more information about WOW MOM's mission, beliefs and small group curriculum, download this pdf.


Group Schedule

Currently all our groups are meeting online

WOW MOM groups for 2021
Day Location Time Leader Suited for moms with...
Tue-Fri Tampines (New!) 9- 11am Siew Leng Children in preschool to primary school
Tuesdays Buangkok (Sengkang) 9:30am-11:30am Sophie Children in preschool to secondary school
Tuesdays Virtual via Zoom (New!) 8pm-10pm (night) Jodi Children in preschool to primary school
Wednesdays Clementi West (New!) 10am-11am Phyllis Children in preschool
Thursdays Virtual via Zoom (West Area) 8:45am-10:30am Ariana Children in preschool

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