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Helping others discover God through SOARING


It all started with a desire to figure out God’s specific purpose in the new life season and workplace in 2012. Ms Tricia Tan chanced upon The Significant Woman (TSW) course organised by Cru Singapore, through which she crafted her first personal mission statement:

To impact, inspire and empower young men and women to lead a purpose-driven life, and make a difference to others.

Since then, Tricia’s life took on a turn as she found herself investing more time and energy in the lives of young men and women from different walks of life at her workplace.

Deeply impacted by the eight-session life coaching course that aims to help women discover their uniqueness and personal mission in life, she became a regular volunteer with TSW ministry. Despite her busy schedule as a Senior Financial Services Director, she got herself enthusiastically involved as a group facilitator. She is now a certified TSW trainer who champions this programme for marketplace professionals.

Holy dissatisfaction

Along the way, something bothered Tricia deeply.

“This material has so much potential to impact masses. Yet, it is only used within the Christian community,” Tricia recounted her dissonance within.

However, as she tried to invite her pre-believing friends to join her in TSW, most people had their reservations, and cited reasons like “too busy” and “not enough time”. Admittedly, the nature of the course was more suited to Christians.


Tricia Tan and Pauline Pang Tricia Tan (L) and Pauline Pang


Just when Tricia was looking for a more relevant and feasible way to reach out to her non-Christian colleagues, she was invited to attend the launch of SOARING, a secular version of TSW that is catered especially for the marketplace.

“When I looked through the material, I immediately saw that it was such a timely provision from God! With it, I can reach out to so many young people,” she excitedly shared.

Helping young adults scale new heights

Not only did God provide the resource, He also led Tricia to reconnect with her secondary school classmate Dr Candice Chee, who was looking for someone interested to mentor youths and be involved in social outreach projects.

“My heart leapt when I received the phone call from Candice. I realised this could be an opening by the Lord in response to what I was praying and looking for.

When I met Candice and told her about SOARING, we were so excited that we actually spent three hours talking about how we can bring this resource to young people and mentor them.”

Together, they embarked on a project where they started reaching out to undergraduates on university campuses, desiring to mentor and guide them in their career search. It was an exciting journey where the duo experienced God’s faithfulness and provision. 18 individuals joined them in the first SOARING group meeting!


Tricia Tan and Candice Chee Tricia and Candice (Right) inspires us with their zeal for God and youthful energy!


Finding purpose, discovering significance

In SOARING, participants are first encouraged to reflect on their past experiences so that they can identify their life themes as well as key relationships that have greatly influenced them. Spurred to think more deeply about their emotions, needs and wants, participants are guided to identify what are the most important values in their lives.

For some, the course went beyond a mere contemplation exercise about life’s purpose and foundation. Some started asking themselves existential questions.

One of whom was Hui Min, a young graduate who recently became a follower of Christ. She shared, “I knew there must be something more in life than just work and the normal life stages that everyone goes through.”

SOARING was truly an eye-opening and life-changing experience for me. It definitely played a significant role in shaping me to be who I am today.”

At some point in life’s journey, most of us will inevitably ask ourselves: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? How do I get there? These deeper questions of significance and purpose are asked by Christians and non-Christians alike.

Renowned pastor John Piper describes the search for meaning and significance in life this way, “I didn’t want a minimal life. I didn’t want to live on the outskirts of reality. I wanted to understand the main thing about life and pursue it.”

Just like Tricia, you can also use our life coaching resources, The Significant WomanMan of ImpactSoaring and Quest to help people discover more of God and themselves and gain practical handles to pursue God’s mission for them in all seasons of life. Email us today to explore opportunities!

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