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Discover Your Identity, Purpose and Significance

Every life is intended to have meaning and purpose beyond simply existing. Yet not all of us have connected with the deep meaning of our lives. In our hearts we want to know that our life counts for more than simply moving through the minutes of each day. We want to know that we are valued and have worth – that we are unique and special. We want to know that our lives are making a difference. 

Join Soaring, a life coaching course that answers four questions women often ask: 

  1. What's my uniqueness & talent?
  2. What's my life purpose?
  3. Where should I be headed?
  4. How do I get there?

Small group life-coaching

Soaring is for women of all faiths in all seasons of life  and is conducted in a caring and affirming coaching environment within a small group. It helps you look at every area of life - personal, vocational, spiritual and directional.

Though the authors share from their Christian perspective, the coaching principles and tools are applicable to people of all faiths.

Soaring overview

Soaring is based on life principles that help you to:

  1. Realize the different aspects of your uniqueness, why you are who you are, and what your own unique story is.
  2. Identify your life passions and the causes you feel strongly about.
  3. Define your life foundation and the spiritual anchor in your life.
  4. Discover your life direction and the meaning and purpose for your life.
  5. Acquire life skills of setting priorities, boundaries and making wise decisions.

Contact Soaring

Are you searching for clarity in career or life direction?  Are you seeking to fulfil your hopes and aspirations? Soaring will help you embark on a journey of personal growth. It will coach you to go from where you are to where you want to be, and move forward in life according to your unique design! It will help you make your unique contribution to the world!

Contact us at for enquiries and updates on next available course.

If you are a Christian, you may want to check out The Significant Woman,  similar to Soaring, but specifically for Christians.

Participants' testimonies

"It has been tremendous and eye-opening for me to discover more about myself and my purpose in life. Knowing my personality helps me to accept who I am and to understand why I behave the way I do. Identifying my core values helps me to continue to build my life on these values when there are contradicting circumstances."

Xue Ling, Certified Financial Planner

"A very inspiring course that allowed me to reflect on my past and better plan for the future. I am more confident of myself, not comparing with others as everyone is unique."

Pui Yee, Researcher

Upcoming intake(s)

Aug 2023 intake

The Soaring and Quest course will be held onsite over two Saturdays, 26 August and 2 Septmeber,  9 am to 5 pm. Sign up before 21 August 2023 (Monday).

  • Dates: 26 August and 2 September (Saturdays), 9am - 5pm.
  • Venue: 300 Bedok North Ave 3, Singapore 469717, Room Genesis 1-06

Course Fee: $60 inclusive of GST (course book and lunch)

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Life-Coaching Tool: Core Values

Download the tool to identify and energize your core values

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