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How to Stay Emotionally Healthy Even in Social Distancing or Isolation

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has quickly changed the way we do life all over the world.

As we are prevented from carrying out our normal life rhythms — such as going to work, meeting with people in cafes and restaurants, and going to the gym — there is ample opportunity for despair to creep in.

Rather than striving all day to distract yourself, here are some ideas to take care of your body, mind, heart and soul.


Take vitamins. While we do take in micronutrients from the food that we eat, it may still be beneficial to continue taking multi-vitamins to ensure your body is getting the vitamins it needs. Eating a balanced diet will also strengthen our immune systems.

Exercise. There are many fitness apps (like the Nike+ or Nike Training app, for example) where you can follow an instructor via video. There are also people hosting virtual dance parties, by inviting their friends to submit songs to a playlist and then dancing together via video call!

Despite the quarantine, it is still recommended that you go outside for a walk or run as long as you avoid crowds. Daylight, fresh air and exercise are important for physical and mental health.

Get ahead on spring cleaning. Research shows that in a full hour of cleaning you could burn between 170-190 calories. Having a clean space also improves your mood.




Be mindful of your media consumption.

Stick to reputable websites for the latest information and avoid sensational news that triggers anxious thoughts.

Consider setting a limit for your “screen time", and choose to engage in online activity that places you, your heart and mind in a better place. 

Study a foreign language. This is your opportunity to finish a Duolingo course, or watch an entire TV show in a foreign language!

Try cooking something new. Use this extra time at home to attempt to make a dish you’ve always wanted to try for the first time. Or consider “leveling up” in something you always make, for example, making your fried rice or pasta in a fancier way.

Read meaningful books. Finally read that long classic novel you’ve been wanting to read for ages!




Regularly schedule online hangouts with friends and family. We encourage you to interact with other people via phone or video call at least once every day. You could also write and send handwritten letters to encourage and share your wishes for people.

Practice intentional generosity. Support local businesses — buying bouquets, choosing to get your food from small businesses rather than chains, for instance.

Consider giving gifts to those who work in health care. Help your elderly neighbors by dropping off food or medicine to them when they aren’t able to go out.




Keep a journal. Make a list of things you are grateful for — whether simple or profound — from things like sleep and coffee, to love and friendship.

When you are feeling down, write out those thoughts and feelings as well and share them with a safe friend at your next opportunity.

Investigate life’s deep questions. Check out our articles on the questions you have — whether about the existence of God, the validity of the Bible, or about the Church.

Write down your questions about life and God — and share them with us. You can securely process your faith questions using the form below.


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