Work & Rest

My Strange Journey of Being Available To God

How being available opens the way for friendships and opportunities to introduce others to Jesus.

Searching For Sabbath

Building rest and restoration into the rhythm of life.

Made for Something: Part 1

Discovering what you were created for

Made for Something: Part 2

What is the plot of your life?

Made for Something: Part 3

What is most important to you?

Redeeming Ambition, Part 1: Is It Wrong to Want to Be Great?

What is true and false about our concept of ambition?

Redeeming Ambition, Part 2: When Ambition Goes Awry

How can we tell when ambition is good or when it’s dangerous?

Redeeming Ambition, Part 3: How to Take Back Ambition

We can glorify God with the ambition He’s given us.

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