What’s in a Name: The Powerful Names of Jesus

Taking time to meditate on the many names of Jesus can enrich your worship.

History Starts and Ends With Jesus

Jesus, our Alpha and Omega, existed before Creation and will return to rule forever. He is the consistency our hearts long for.

Celebrate a “First” This Christmas

This Christmas you can introduce someone to Jesus in a fresh way.

Christmas Outreach Ideas

Check out our roundup of the best Christmas outreach ideas to help your church or organization reach more people during the holiday season. Learn more!

Prepare Your Heart for Easter

Too often we miss the opportunity to draw near to God during the days leading up to Easter. Discover some ways to prepare your heart to truly celebrate the depth of Christ's love this Easter season.

Worried About Visiting Your Family This Holiday Season?

These principles can help you negotiate the challenge of managing the Christmas holidays.

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