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Circuit Breaker, Social Media and You

During this Circuit Breaker, we suddenly find ourselves with an added margin of time.

The time we’d normally spend on public transport, queuing up, waiting, or walking to places has unexpectedly been given back to us. Staying in our homes, apart from the 9 to 6 responsibility to occupy us, many of us are at suddenly at a loss of what to do after.

Unsurprisingly, we see a big spike in people accessing video streaming sites, social media platforms and apps like TikTok and Instagram. Giving us the chance to connect with friends and even strangers in a time of social limitations, social media has grown even more important as our window to the world.

However, as we spend more and more time online, on social media, do we really know how it’s impacting our lives?



Are we aware of what information we’re allowing in?

With the influx of information found on social media, it can be overwhelming.

Founder of Paradigm Shift Label, Audris Quek, puts it this way, “There is so much out there for us to consume that sometimes we don’t even know what it is we’re actually consuming. Let me put it this way: when we consume junk food, we won’t have space to consume actual good food.”

Similarly, when we unthinkingly follow what we see online, we are in real danger of losing our identity.

In her case, Audris shared that she was previously taken in by media portrayals of that “ideal look” for women, and tried to shape herself towards that. It was only when she turned 20 that she heard God clearly speak to her that she was not meant to be like the world—but to be who He has designed her to be.

From then on, Audris experienced a mindset shift in her understanding of her identity and of social media. Rather than allowing it to control or dictate who she was or what she did, she was now determined to use social media to speak her own truth, encourage and empower those in her sphere of influence. 


Audris Quek, Founder of Paradigm Shift Label

Using social media wisely

Passionate about using social media platform for good, Audris shared, “This is a place we get to share our lives. Every post can make a difference.”

“Ask yourself this: Are you an enhanced version or extended version of yourself on social media?”

It’s a fine line, but she continued, “If we are enhancing ourselves and portraying our lives in a certain way, that’s just living for the gram, the likes, recognition of man. But an extended version of ourselves is about understanding who we really are.”

“There shouldn’t be a disconnect between who you are online and in real life.”



Your identity is defined by Christ, not social media

Before allowing social media to tell you who you are, wouldn’t it make more sense to first hear from our Creator and find our identity in this security?

“We all want to be known and loved—when we post on social media it’s our souls crying out to be recognised. We need to be careful not to find our worth in the likes or the posts, but in Christ alone,” Audris reflected.

Sharing another way to build people up through social media, Audris explained, “I use social media to mark my milestones sometimes, and lessons that I’ve learnt. So when I look back, I can see what God has taught me, or what I’ve learnt in a particular season.”

“Also, this can build others up—so if they’re going through something similar, they can see the outcome and the victory of that.”

At the end of the day, social media is a neutral platform. How we use it us totally up to us—and whether we allow it to define us, or for us to use it as a tool to positively impact those around us.


Reflection Questions:

1. Are there any subtle ways that social media has been influencing my thoughts/behavior/actions?

2. What are some ways that we can use social media, especially in this time, to encourage and build each other up?

3. Am I using social media as a distraction, and is God challenging me to change any online patterns that I may currently have? 

Deborah is passionate about capturing different perspectives to create relevant and impactful content. She enjoys meaningful conversations and collecting experiences, but also loves time spent just with a good book and cup of coffee.

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