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The Storyteller in Me

I was surprised by how fast the little storyteller in me spun the story "I am rejected." This was not the first time it happened. And each time I knew the rationale behind the person's behaviour, yet knowing the reason did little to keep me from feeling rejected.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many countries have implemented physical distancing measures to prevent the spread of this virus. And since then, I have encountered several instances where someone was walking straight in my path, and when we were near to each other, that person would intentionally walk to one side so as to avoid me.

Instantly, the feeling of rejection hit me. 



Within seconds, my mind pieced together all the information in that situation and in that instant, presented me with the story that person rejected me. Well do not worry, I was not overwhelmed with rejection.

But I could have been if I had 'subscribed' to the story that my mind scripted.  Who knows there might be part 1, part 2 and even part 3 of that story if I had followed the series.

There is a little storyteller in our minds that is always churning out stories, using our assumptions, values and situations we encounter in life as material. There are the "I'm not good enough" story, the "I'm not accepted" story, the "I'm a failure" story and many more different titles.

These stories are not true, though they may have a bit of truth in them. However, when we 'subscribe' to any of these stories—like following a HBO channel like the "Game of Thrones", you may find yourself getting hooked to that storyline. When that happens over time, that 'story' becomes a reality little by little.



So if you don't like the 'story' of a particular situation in your life, do the following:

1. Recognize that your mind likes to attach a meaning or create a story out of a situation you're in.

2. Question the story that your mind scripted.

  • Is this meaning/story always true?
  • What are the factors that make this meaning/story untrue?
  • Are there any other ways that I can look at the meaning/story of this situation?
  • What are the positive and negative impacts on me if I choose to 'subscribe' to this story/meaning?

3. Make a choice to reject or accept the 'story' of that situation. 



  1. How is this article true in my own life?
  2. How does a 'story' that I subscribe to become a reality over time?

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