Stories by Ching Yet Lam

Ching Yet has been on staff with Cru for 23 years. He has worked with university students, working professionals and couples in achieving seismic shifts in their lives through making incremental shifts in their mindsets. He is currently the Team Lead of Healthcare Ministry in Cru, empowering healthcare students and professionals in living out their calling and potential. Always an avid learner, you can always find him learning something new at any moment and looking for opportunities to create value for others with what he has integrated.

Live Powerfully and Purposefully Each Day

What does it actually mean to live with both purpose and power?

How to Maximise My Life and Make the Most of It

Wondering how to feel fulfilled, satisfied and happy in your life? It may not be exactly what you think - read on to find out more!

The Storyteller in Me

Can we recognise the stories that we tell ourselves, and can we tell if they are true or false?

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