Paris Bridges Team

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There are now 400,000 international students in France due to record growth in the number of international students in the past two years, with 130,000 of those international students studying in the Paris region alone!

Come enjoy a coffee with Moussa from the Middle East, lunch with Pedro from Brazil, and hotpot at night with Wei and her friends from Asia! You can reach the whole world from one little place as our campus is comprised of 80% international students from 150 nations. We are praying for the Lord to raise up mature, passionate believers who are ready to take on the challenge and adventure of a lifetime to help bring the good news of Jesus Christ to students in France and train them to become disciples who will make disciples in their home countries where we could never be as effective.

Not only will you get to be a part of seeing the nations forever changed, but you will get to step into this historic, vibrant city. Paris is the city of lights, and a place we pray will become a beacon of light to the lost during their time as stu

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