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Spain is different. It is full of extremes and contradictions. Firmly a culturally Catholic country, but with a large atheist and anti-Church population, it’s not uncommon to meet people who are “Catholic but don’t believe in God.” The vast majority of university students don’t know even one other person who is a follower of Jesus Christ. But, in this secular, postmodern society, God is at work offering hope and unconditional love. More students are investigating Jesus and coming to know him.

Cru in Spain is working in five cities to build student-led movements and helping to reach the one million university students in Spain. Come and share your faith and life with students who need to hear and experience the truth of the gospel, through building relationships and community.

Come and learn a new language as you grow to love an amazing country and its people. Come and serve students who have heard of Jesus but don’t know what he has done for them.

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