Australia - Perth

Sponsored by Open to All / Initiated by Cru in IA, MN, ND, SD, WI

Located on the far west coast of Australia, Perth is considered by many the most remote capital city in the world. This destination is truly at the ends of the earth, yet with a population of two million and immigrants converging from Africa, Europe, and South Asia, there is the potential to influence many nations. A city with over 100,000 university students across six main campuses, the need in Perth is very great yet the workers are few.

No language barrier here, but your cultural senses will still experience the excitement of a foreign land as you work to reach Aussies with the truth of Jesus Christ. There is still much work to be done in Perth. Join this STINT team and work alongside a handful of Aussies to reach Western Australia (and the ends of the earth) with the Gospel.

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