Montenegro - Podgorica

Sponsored by Open to all / Sponsored by Cru Ministries in OH

Montenegro is a small but beautiful country. Located about 1 hour from the Adriatic Sea and 1 hour from the mountain ranges and national parks in the North, Podgorica is the capital and largest city of nearly 250,000 people. This is where 90% of all of the university students in the country live.

Spiritually ~75% of the people identify as Eastern Orthodox, ~20% Middle Eastern descent, ~5% are atheist or other religious affiliations, and ~0.2% Protestant. Some Montenegrins have genuine faith but many are Christian in name only— still in need of understanding and responding to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We find that students lack hope and are currently looking to the world to meet this need we know only God can fill. But as this newly independent nation opens itself more and more to the outside world we are also seeing people’s hearts becoming more and more open to knowing Christ.

Come join an already existing team of people who have been helping make Jesus known among the university students. Spend your days on campus, in cafes, opening your home, and playing sports as you get to spiritually journey alongside students and share with them the best news ever!

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