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France is a beautiful country with a deeply rich history and culture - cuisine, art, fashion, literature, philosophy, engineering, architecture and more. The people of France are as fascinating as the country. They are filled with deep thoughts and convictions and love to discuss and debate ideas.

This makes France an exciting place to do ministry. Though this traditionally Catholic country has abandoned its roots of faith and has essentially mobilized a strike against God, there is hope! Many are curious and spiritually seeking, but don’t know where to turn. There is great opportunity to teach the people of France about their Creator and Heavenly Father.

There are 2.7 million university students across France, but less than 1% are followers of Jesus. We are praying for the Lord to raise up mature, passionate believers who are ready to take on the challenge and adventure of a lifetime to help bring the good news of Jesus Christ to French college campuses. We currently have ministries in the cities of Lyon, Rennes, Paris, Montpellier, Corte, and Toulouse.

At the moment, our priority location is the growing and vibrant city of Toulouse in the southwestern part of France. It has over 130,000 university students and it regularly voted the #1 college town to study and live in France.

As laborers join us and teams are strengthened, we hope to expand our sending to other cities in France. We are ready to welcome interns for a period of 1-2 years, as well as staff members who are willing to make a 3-5 year commitment.

Come join us and see God move in incredible ways and have a cross-cultural experience you will never forget!

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