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In 2015 alone, over 1,300,000 people claimed asylum within the EU. These refugees have stories of great tragedy, which means that their deepest desires are to be heard and loved, not simply processed. Through one of the largest mass migrations in history, God is providing a new way for us to fulfill the Great Commission. The unreached people of the world are fleeing to a place of incredible spiritual poverty where missionary work is not outlawed. The need is great, but so is the opportunity. There will be three target areas for ministry: the university campus, refugee communities and the local church.

University students are often developing worldviews and are easily mobilized towards humanitarian causes; thus, the strategy is to not only reach them with the Gospel but also involve them in meeting the needs of refugees. Refugees, though generally coming from highly unreached parts of the world, have been surprisingly responsive to the Gospel. The hope is that as university students aid refugees, the witness of refugees for the Gospel will draw these university students to Christ and revitalize local churches. These two facets of the strategy cannot be sustained long-term without the involvement of local churches – to partner with Cru in opening new refugee centers, fueling the involvement of nationals and providing fellowship for both refugees and university students.

History teaches us that such doors often close quickly, but those who have the courage to step through them often see God do what others thought to be impossible. It is our honor to invite you into something we pray God will use to reconcile many souls to Himself. We hope that you will join us.

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