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The Heart of Racism

Today, we live in a world where many think we’ve solved the issue of racism. While we’ve been fighting this explicit racism, a new, implicit one has taken its place.

They Called Me a Freak

A young man tells his story of rescue.

10 Ways to Be a Good Neighbor

Read the story of how one woman took small steps to build a life-giving community in her neighborhood, and learn how you can do it too!

Growing your faith

“We are defined by our calling” - Steve Sellers

What is Cru’s Purpose? Why do we exist? What is our contribution to the Body of Christ? Executive Vice-President Steve Sellers reminds Cru staff and partners at our recent Staff Conference.

I Thought I Knew How To Forgive

The time I spent with my father throughout my childhood is mostly an angry blur of yelling and crying.

Chelsea Arnold

Does Your Personality Type Affect the Way You Evangelize?

Your God-given personality is unique and the way God gifted you to glory Him. How your personality type and the personality type of the non-Christian play a role in presenting and understanding the gospel.

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