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How to Love Your Work Without Being Consumed by It

Three biblical perspectives will help you honor God through every job you take.

Encouragement and the Fight for Justice

How do you stay engaged while facing a world that seems to run on the fuel of division and racism — a world where injustice is commonplace?

What You Can Learn From Lunar New Year

You may find yourself unexpectedly transformed — as if discovering a new world not just outside, but inside yourself.

Growing your faith

3 Concepts for God-Centered Prayer: A Way of Life

What are you doing in your life to develop the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ? Use these 3 concepts to engage in a deeper walk with the Lord.

Milt Monell

14 of God's Best Valentines

This Valentine’s Day may you experience God’s love in a deeper way by being reminded of 14 things about His love.

QUIZ: What Type of Christian Influencer Are You?

Do you want to inspire, influence, and make an impact on the world? Take this quiz to learn what type of Christian influencer God created you to be.

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