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The Gospel and Race

As beautiful as growing up in a multiethnic household is, for this author, it came with a distorted view of the reality of current race relations in the United States.

How to Help Marriages Survive COVID-19

As America battles its way through the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, new realities are emerging for couples. This pandemic hasn’t been easy to navigate. It doesn’t tiptoe around our lives.

Racism: What Thoughts or Feelings Come to Mind?

While the Bible doesn’t mention racism specifically, it is clear on the overarching ideas, behaviors and characteristics of it.

Growing your faith

How to Find God in a Painful Life

The book of Job illustrates how we can relate to God when we suffer.

6 Things the Church Does and Why You Need to Be Part of It

Our journey with God isn’t meant to be solitary. We need each other — it’s been this way since Christianity began.

Lisa Haynes

Cru’s Response to The Coronavirus

17 March 2020

Cru’s leadership has been assessing the risk of the work we do and has begun to take measures to ensure the safety of our staff and the people who are part of our ministries, you all.

By Steve Sellers, Executive Vice-President of Cru

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