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How to be present during the holidays

Does the holiday season bring too much busyness, stress and disappointment? Here are six tips to help you be more present over the holidays.

When suicide no longer feels like an option

Feeling valuable can influence your emotions, decisions and mental well being, so finding your value in things that last is important.

3 ways busy people can give the gift of their time

The holidays are coming up, and your to-do list is already full. You know it’s important to give and share, but how will you find the time?

Growing your faith

Worried about visiting your family this holiday season?

These principles can help you negotiate the challenge of managing the Christmas holidays.

Dennis Rainey

10 things to do while you're single

Being single is actually a gift, if you treat it as such.

Jonathan Pokluda

Why a grateful child is a happy child

Gratitude is not natural; it must be nurtured.

Barbara Rainey

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