Exploring your life’s purpose

Let’s journey together

Dealing with life’s questions

Why do I look like this? Why do bad things happen? Is God good? What if these questions could be answered.

What Christians believe

What do Christians believe? Doing good? Attending church? Rituals? Discover the answers to these questions.

Stories of changed lives

We all have a story. Read about experiences of others who have been transformed through Jesus.

Growing your faith

Grow in your prayer life

Learn the beginning steps from how to start praying to finding a fresh approach to talking with God.

Looking for a Bible Study?

Explore Cru's Bible study resources and see how God might reveal Himself to you today.

What are You Worried About?

Is worry futile? Does worry ignore God’s provision for us? Walk through this interactive Bible study to learn what Jesus teaches about worry in Luke 12.

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