Northern Ireland

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Throughout its history, political division and conflict between Nationalists (traditionally Catholic) and Unionists (traditionally Protestant) have haunted the proud people of Northern Ireland. The 1998 peace accord, "The Good Friday Agreement", ushered in an end to the violence and discord, and although tension still exists, a modern North has emerged with Belfast at its center. Belfast is a beautiful and historic city. The Titanic was built here and it’s also the birthplace of C.S. Lewis.

Today, Belfast is a city filled with friendly people and thousands of college students ready to hear the gospel. And even though this area is known as the “Bible Belt” of Europe, this generation of students is quickly following the rest of post-Christian Europe, looking for an identity in tradition, politics, or any place other than Jesus.

We'd love for you to join us for a year in bringing the peace, purpose, and unity that only Christ can bring to students who need to hear the good news.

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