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Becoming #READY

Staying sharp, biblical and relevant as Christ's disciples

Digital spaces have long been lauded as a critical frontier for missions, even more so with the onset of metaverse’ growing influence. Yet, as much as the platform is vital, the “Messenger” has to be equipped. 

Launched in January 2022, the #READY campaign sought to address a critical need: equipping believers to share Christ confidently, anytime and anywhere, online or in-person. #READY stands for #Reaching Everyone ArounD You. This campaign is co-championed by our friends from Indigitous, One For Jesus, Salt&Light, SYFC Poly Ministry,, and Alpha Singapore.

One of the #READY webinars

#READY comprised three phases: public equipping through seven webinars, a 40-day journey on Telegram to encourage young adults to share their faith, and finally culminating with a Digital Day of Outreach over the Easter weekend.

Associate Lead of Digital Strategies and #READY Project Lead Lillian Seow said, “The crux of the campaign was a strong emphasis on changing mindsets – that evangelism is really about encountering Jesus and living out our faith authentically.”

“That we should be bold in sharing our stories, building friendships and loving people. That we can be evangelists yet maintain our authentic selves on social media.”

“In all, we saw more than 3,500 equipped–from 14 countries and 333 churches or organisations—and 239 subscribers on Telegram. We were thrilled to hear that more than 50% of the participants spoke to someone about their faith during this campaign!”

Impacted by #READY, Indigitous Singapore co-leader Mervyn Lee hosted three colleagues at his home for an Easter gathering. 

“We watched a Chinese calligraphy video about the Gospel and had a small discussion about life and death from the perspectives of Christianity and Eastern Oriental beliefs. I was also able to share the message digitally to 10 others since they were not available to come.”

“Even though I was giving excuses to shy away, God used the daily prompts in the #READY Telegram channel to encourage me to be bold to reach out,” Mervyn shared. 

You and your church can be #READY too!

We invite you to come on a journey to become #READY as a church or small group. You can customise our resources to best fit your needs, including training videos and Telegram content. Contact us at for more information.

Let’s lock arms to reach boldly, build deeply and send urgently!

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