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COVID-19: Join Us in Seeking the Lord

A message from our global Executive Vice President, Steve Sellers

Hi everyone, we are living in unique times and that is a big understatement.

The whole world is being affected by this virus, and we individually are being affected by the virus—whether it’s on a day-to-day basis, or a minute-by-minute basis.

We’re having all kinds of things come into our minds, about our elderly parents or our children being home from school, and how we’re going to adjust schedules.

We might be experiencing financial strain, or questions about our finances—how are going to live life or do life, in light of the restrictions that are upon us?

The world is being affected by the virus, and every part of us is being affected. 



A Divine Disruption?

The reality is, we are each carrying an emotional weight because of this.

Personally, just like you, I’m having to change with how I deal with the crisis and how it affects my life on a moment-by-moment basis. I can’t imagine all the things, all the events, personal events, weddings that have been changed because of this. It’s affecting each of us.

In the midst of this kind of disruption, the Lord has been reminding me that the reality is it’s not about the disruption.

It’s about what He wants to do in my own life—what’s going on inside of me, how’s my own heart?

So I’ve been meditating on some passages of scripture, Psalm 62 and 63 among others—to focus my heart on “what’s the Lord saying to me? What’s going on inside of me?”

In Psalm 62, David writes in verse 1, “my soul waits on the Lord”. And he’s describing the condition of his soul. A few verses later in verse 5, he’s instructing his soul—"wait on the Lord.” He goes on to say, “trust in the Lord” and “pour your heart out to the Lord.”

I read those passages, and I think it’s really hard for me to sit still and not experience many things just rushing into my mind. 

I don’t know about you—but when I sit down to have my time with the Lord, get my soul still, and think about what God wants to do in my life—I’m flooded with all kinds of other issues. I’m sure you’re experiencing some of the same things, it’s hard to do that. 



Is it Well with My Soul?

So I’m having to instruct my soul—wait on the Lord, be still, seek Him.

That’s what David goes on to say in Psalm 63. In the very first verse, he calls out “oh God my God”, and he says, “my soul earnestly seeks You.” He goes on to talk about how his soul trusts Him, clings to Him—and I read that, and I want that to be true; but at times in my own heart, I know that’s not the reality.

I have to turn those passages into a prayer. “Lord, would you cause my soul to seek You, to trust You, to yearn for you.”


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And I have to pour out myself to Him just as I really am. In the midst of meditating on these passages, the Lord is inviting me into a deeper relationship with Him, to connect more deeply with Him. And I know that He’s doing the same in your lives.

This invitation—if I can hear it and take the time, I can connect more deeply and more intimately with Him. But there’s a lot pressing against me and each of us to keep us from doing that.

As I’ve interacted with Steve Douglass and US leaders and global leaders; we’re all sensing the same thing. In the midst of this crisis, we want to connect more deeply to the Lord.



Invitation for an Encounter

So I want you to invite you to join me, sometime between now and Easter, to take some extended time to be with the Lord.

It could be a day with the Lord, or just some extended time that you can work out in your schedule.

I realise that for many of us, we’re confined to our apartments or houses—roommates are around, children are around, and the idea of getting a day or extended time with the Lord seems crazy.

The point isn’t how much time it is, but it’s that we would take our time to focus on the Lord and respond to His invitation to come to Him. To bring our burdens to Him, to connect to Him, to cling to Him, to listen to Him, and all the things He’s inviting us to.

So would you, sometime between now and Easter, take some time just to connect more deeply with the Lord?

Work it out with roommates or spouses or whatever you have to do—but still your heart and connect more deeply with Him.


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I’ve been so encouraged by the reality of what God’s been doing even in the midst of this. Even though our lives and our work have been disrupted, our calling and our mission stays the same.

I’m encouraged to hear the reports of how you and all of us around the world are taking steps of faith to continue to do what God’s called us to do. It’s a privilege to serve with you.

As we take these times to be with the Lord, my encouragement is not only to take time for our own hearts, but that we would take time to intercede on behalf of the people of the world. That the Lord’s hand would stop the virus, He would spare lives.

That He would use the virus to draw people to Himself, that as a result of people experiencing this stress and anxiety, that they would turn to the Lord. For He is a loving and compassionate God who wants to connect deeply with us.

It is a privilege for me to link arms with you, to seek the Lord together and to do what He’s called us to do. My prayer is that He would search our hearts, and He would lead us into deeper intimacy.


Originally from Cru USA's article in response to COVID-19.


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