Outreach Strategies

Perspective Cards

Imagine a new evangelism tool: a deck of playing cards addressing the issue of worldview, turning an evangelism obstacle into an open door for the gospel. That is the beauty of Perspective.

How the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Can Help You Share the Gospel

Once you know what someone’s personality type is, you're on the way to building a gospel-sharing strategy that speaks their language.

How to Talk With Agnostics and Atheists

How can we help agnostics know and follow Christ? Let’s look into the life of one former skeptic and the tool he developed to help us better converse spiritually with others.

Sharing Your Faith With an App

The EveryStudent.com App is a tool with articles and videos to help share your faith intelligently and with compassion and care.

How to Use Your Smartphone Like a Worldchanger

What if the technology that brings you face-to-face with the world’s problems became the means to fight back with hope and healing?

5 tips for making God an everyday conversation

How to share about God in conversations? We all know that having conversations with people about God is one of the most important things we can do.

Marvel's Avengers...and the Holy Spirit?

As our culture is ever changing and now more media saturated than ever, here is a great and fun way to explain the Spirit-Filled Life and equip other Christians.

3 Free Apps to Share Your Faith

Use these creative apps to tell others about Christ.

How to Incorporate Your Faith at Work

Whether it’s a classroom, cubicle or car, your faith can play an important role in your work environment.

The Big Six Questions: Clarifying Knowing God Personally

These six questions are incredibly simple and will let you know if the person you’re witnessing to really understands the message in the booklet.

7 Steps to Creating a Spiritual Survey

With the help of a questionnaire or survey, Christians are creating ways to engage people in conversations, often leading to gospel presentations.

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