How do we know God exists?

2 arguments to prove the existence of God.

#1. The Kalam Cosmological Argument

Premise 1: Anything that begins to exist has a cause—i.e. nothing appears out of nowhere.

Premise 2: The Universe is finitely old—i.e. it began to exist at some point in time. 

If these 2 premises are accepted, then...

  • Something or someone must have created the Universe
  • That creator must exist outside the Universe

We can infer that this Creator would have to be:



Immaterial (exists outside the Universe)

Have other characteristics, such as being very powerful

#2. The Moral Argument

Premise 1: Objective moral laws exist—regardless of personal taste, preference, culture or society.

Premise 2: Moral laws are obligations that we are required to follow. 

If these 2 premises are accepted, then...

  • There must have been someone who set these moral laws
  • A moral law giver must exist

We can infer that this Moral Law Giver would have:

Authority over all people, time and places

A nature that must be good and loving


From these two arguments, we see how there is proof of a higher power, or in Christianity terms, a God. 

Logically, the next question might then be—why the Christian God? Why Christianity? 

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