Outreach Strategies

If you have a smartphone you're more equipped than you know

Looking for an easy way to share with others how to know Jesus Christ?  

This digital toolbox puts some of the most effective and widely used evangelistic tools on your smartphone.  

The God Tools app goes wherever you and your phone go. It will help you guide someone through a simple and straightforward explanation of the gospel as well as provide resources for follow up and growth. The 35 languages available on the app as well as a parallel language feature will help you cross language barriers. When God gives you opportunities for spiritual conversation, you can feel prepared and confident to talk about Christ wherever you happen to be.

By simply using your phone, you can share your faith.

Included in the app are 3 digital booklets and a library of evangelistic articles.

  • Knowing God Personally
  • The Four Spiritual Laws
  • Satisfied?

The first two booklets offer a simple and straightforward Gospel message, while “Satisfied?” helps Christians understand what it means to truly walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.  

God Tools also contains compelling articles on a variety of topics from EveryStudent.com, where people seeking answers to their questions about life and God can find answers.  

Best of all, once downloaded to your device, God Tools can be used anywhere, even if you don’t have internet access; all parts of God Tools function completely without an internet connection.  

At Miami University in Ohio students created a week long outreach centered around the God Tools App. The outreach was called "Questions for God". Each student in the movement was was given a 3x5 card with the top 10 questions student have concerning God. 

On the week of the outreach students carried around the 3x5 cards wherever they went and took the step of faith to ask friends and classmates this question, "If you could ask God any question what would you ask him?" This would spark great conversations and opportunities to listen to the hearts of Miami students.  Our students were then trained how to go to the everystudent.com part of the app, search for the related article to their question and offer to read it with them together and have a follow up conversation in the near future.

Chris, a senior leader in our movement, was friends with Zach, a well accomplished senior Greek student who was a devout atheist. Through this outreach and talking through several of the questions Zach had for God and directing him to read many of the articles on the app, a series of deep conversations began between Chris and Zach.  Through these conversations Chris and others began to see Zach's hard atheist shell begin to crack. Zach began to share, often through tears, about his loneliness and need for love. Two weeks before Zach was to graduate and begin a prestigious job with a big four accounting firm Chris sat down with him for yet another conversation where Zach would fire out question after question about the validity of the faith. Chris saw the opportunity and shared the gospel with Zach that afternoon. The devout atheist, 2 weeks before graduation, gave his life to Jesus.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please write us at support@godtoolsapp.com.  We’re already working on our next version!


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