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Note to Self on Emotions

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I believe that growing emotionally is essential to thriving significantly in life. Since we started our IG on 15 July 2021 last year, we have been educating on Emotions and the importance of learning to connect, reflect and process our emotions to help us grow in emotional resilience to face the challenges of life. 

This is not always easy as we may have learnt unhelpful coping mechanisms from childhood to help us manage negative emotions in order to survive.

The good news is we can unlearn and relearn more adaptive ways of managing our emotions. To overcome our "default" way of coping, which we have a tendency to slip back into, having daily reminders may be helpful.


To encourage us with this, ThriveSg has collaborated with, to create these beautifully hand-drawn wall-papers for your downloads!


Cecilia shares her inspiration behind her artworks for this series:

"One of the quotes that really resonated with me in this series is the one about how learning to face my feelings and stories is the necessary path to healing and freedom.  As I closed my eyes, I could see a path leading through a mysterious forest.  Sometimes it's scary, but sometimes it also leads to unexpected rewards.  You can only find these treasures if you are willing to take the path and walk at your own pace.  As I drew this forest path, I reflected that this has certainly characterized my own journey to mental and emotional wellness. I hope that this artwork can be an encouragement to someone out there.  You're not alone on this journey!"

You can download these quotes on Emotions from our "Note to Self" series below to use as your wall-paper or screen-saver on your mobile phones to remind you to check in with yourself and your emotions so that you can better take care of your emotions and grow in emotional resilience in this coming year! Just click on download button to download.


"The courage to face our own feelings and own our own stories is the necessary path to healing and freedom."



"Befriending my emotions and being curious about them is essential to my mental and emotional well-being."



"Once choice at a time. Change is possible. My brain is changing everyday. The choices I make will transform my pain and create a different future for myself."


How can you collaborate with ThriveSg to make an impact in mental health?


If you are a Creative and interested to collaborate with ThriveSg for a good mental health cause, please check out and submit your collaboration request to us.

If you are available to volunteer with us for a good cause for at least 3 months to a year, do check out the 5 benefits we offer our Creatives Volunteer Program and apply at !

We look forward to join us in our #creativesformentalhealth initiative. 

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Art & Mental Health

Creatives Collaborate for Mental Health (CCMH)

ThriveSg believes that the ARTS have the power to impact mental health and how the creative process can be used for a good cause! 

#creativesformentalhealth is ThriveSg’s way of championing and inspiring the use of creative giftings for a good cause, whether it be for mental health or not! 

ThriveSg has been so blessed by Creatives that have collaborated with us in our mental health cause and we would like to shout out to some of them, we hope you’ll be inspired & encouraged by their stories to use your creative giftings for a good cause too.

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ThriveSg - Thrive Significantly

ThriveSg serves young people (17-25) from all walks of life and of different faiths. We believe that everyone has the capacity to thrive significantly when empowered and supported through growing in self-discovery, emotional wellness and resilience, and mental health.

ThriveSg champions a help-seeking culture through advocating a growth perspective towards counselling, to overcome the stigma of mental illnesses and emotional challenges.

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Pamela Koh is the Founder & Clinical Director of ThriveSg. She’s a registered counsellor & clinical supervisor with the Singapore Association of Counselling (SAC) & a certified therapist in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). Pamela specialises in working with trauma and grief-related issues that often underlies mental health issues like anxiety, depression, addiction and eating disorders. 

By 2023, She has worked with tertiary students for over 18 years, 6 years among Japanese university students in Nagoya. She is passionate about helping people heal from their past traumas, and grow emotionally so that they can reach their fullest potential to thrive significantly in life. 

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