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Its God's grace that grounds me in my creative endeavor

Rachel Ma

 In collaboration with Stamp Artist & Illustrator,  Rachel Ma of @droolstamps


Introducing Rachel Ma


She is known by her alias Drool Stamps, is a Singaporean stamp artist and illustrator. What began as a childhood interest in carving images out of erasers eventually evolved into an artistic haven and online business where she designs and carves her own rubber stamps.

She draws inspiration from her faith and beauty of everyday things. Rachel’s creations reimagine a better world and introduce a sense of playfulness into the humdrum of daily life.



Brief intro & the collaboration projects you have done with ThriveSg

I collaborated with ThriveSg to create a set of stickers based on the theme of Self Care/Self Compassion for Mental Health Awareness Day and #lookingoutreachingout campaign. We ran a giveaway to raise awareness for mental wellness and raise funds for ThriveSg through the sales of the stickers.



What motivated or inspired you to collaborate with ThriveSg?


Pamela (Founder of ThriveSg) and I knew each other way back! Sometime last year, Pamela proposed an idea to create something to promote wellness together. Even though that didn’t work out/take place, it was like a seed planted in my heart.

Afterwards, I felt a prompting to advocate for mental wellness to serve the audience we have. It was a season when I felt that we could all use some resources that ThriveSg is already doing and providing. I had a fresh idea that I thought would work and I immediately texted Pamela about it and we picked up where we left off. That’s how we kickstarted the process!


Self-care stickers especially designed for ThriveSg for their #lookingoutreachingout campaign for World Mental Health Day 2023


Do you have a mental health story to share or your own mental health journey to share?


For me, the first few years of running my creative business have been filled with challenges, self doubts and burnouts. I was fresh out of school and was bright-eyed, excited to begin this fresh new chapter of life. It was really exciting and fun when I first started out but pressures, disapproval from people around me and discouragements eventually set in and I was crying almost everyday. I felt so rejected for pursuing something I’m passionate about and I was losing my identity as an artist.

My burnout didn’t come from the work itself, but the mental battles I had to fight on a daily basis. I didn’t recognize back then that it was poor mental health, but it certainly affected all aspects of my life- relationships with others and my creative business suffered as a result. I eventually reached a point where I was so tired of the inner wrestling, I was ready to just give up on my craft.

And I did. I left years of this craft that used to bring me so much joy and life and I entered into a season of healing and restoring. I told God, it’s okay to take it all away from me- my achievements, my passion and this creative business. I was desperate to just experience peace and not the shame of my failures.

I knew that God was not done with me. He led me through a season of healing and restoring me of true identity in Him— a Child Of God. I felt delivered from the shame that I was a failure and found my calling as a creative God made me to be. 

I realized that in the process of healing, I needed to allow a group of people who believe in me to support me and mentor me along the way. I also needed to practice setting healthy boundaries as a chronic people pleaser, always living for the approval of others, especially my loved ones. I remember the saying that if I were to live in the approval of others, I may miss out on my life calling. It was definitely a tough journey but practicing good mental health habits only led me to become a more self-assured individual. 

I eventually found my way back to my craft and restarting my creative business. Now, I operate with a renewed inner life. Albeit imperfectly, I know that I creativity can only overflow from attuning to our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 



How have the collaborations added value to you or your business?

It’s really nice to know that my audience can tap into the work that ThriveSg does and the educational content provided on their Instagram. I try to ask myself what may best serve the audience I create for and what may meet their needs. I think that through the collab, more people can be encouraged and take time to practice self-compassion. 



How can you collaborate with ThriveSg to make an impact in mental health?


If you are a Creative and interested to collaborate with ThriveSg for a good mental health cause, please check out and submit your collaboration request to us.

If you are available to volunteer with us for a good cause for at least 3 months to a year, do check out the 5 benefits we offer our Creatives Volunteer Program and apply at !

We look forward to join us in our #creativesformentalhealth initiative. 

Find us on Instagram @thrivesg.tribe


Art & Mental Health

Creatives Collaborate for Mental Health (CCMH)

ThriveSg believes that the ARTS have the power to impact mental health and how the creative process can be used for a good cause! 

#creativesformentalhealth is ThriveSg’s way of championing and inspiring the use of creative giftings for a good cause, whether it be for mental health or not! 

ThriveSg has been so blessed by Creatives that have collaborated with us in our mental health cause and we would like to shout out to some of them, we hope you’ll be inspired & encouraged by their stories to use your creative giftings for a good cause too.

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