The LeaderImpact Movement

LeaderImpact is a global movement dedicated to inspiring and developing leaders. For decades, it has helped leaders develop themselves professionally, personally, and spiritually in order to have an impact. The LeaderImpact Model is unique in that it focuses on holistic development for the leaders involved, where the growth is inspired and driven by peers and mentors within the groups. 

Since its inception, LeaderImpact movements have grown to over 50 countries, 300 cities, and 700 groups around the world. Here in Singapore, our team is dedicated to continuing the mission of the global movement, engaging with leaders in small groups to journey alongside their development to become the most authentic version of themselves.

As a principle, our team firmly believes that leadership development is a journey that begins from within. We welcome both aspiring and experienced leaders from all walks of life, to be part of a movement that wants more and isn’t afraid to pursue it. Join a community of leaders dedicated to lifelong learning and growth, make an impact whenever, wherever you are!

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Lessons from Leaders Eat Last

“Leaders Eat Last” advocates for leaders to adopt an “eat last” mentality in how they work with their teams. Read more!

LeaderImpact Groups

Join a community of reading leaders. Learn about leadership in business, family, and life!


A small group coaching program with a holistic approach to leadership development.

Venture Solo

Venture Solo Training is designed for marketplace leaders who are looking to share their own faith journey in a relevant way with their peers.

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