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LeaderImpact is a global movement dedicated to inspiring and developing leaders. For decades, it has helped leaders develop themselves professionally, personally, and spiritually in order to have an impact. The LeaderImpact Model is unique in that it focuses on holistic development for the leaders involved, where the growth is inspired and driven by peers and mentors within the groups. 

Since its inception, LeaderImpact movements have grown to over 50 countries, 300 cities, and 700 groups around the world. Here in Singapore, our team is dedicated to continuing the mission of the global movement, engaging with leaders in small groups to journey alongside their development to become the most authentic version of themselves.

As a principle, our team firmly believes that leadership development is a journey that begins from within. We welcome both aspiring and experienced leaders from all walks of life, to be part of a movement that wants more and isn’t afraid to pursue it. Join a community of leaders dedicated to lifelong learning and growth, make an impact whenever, wherever you are!

Upcoming events

Foundations: A Deeper Look Within

Feb-March 2024

Have questions on what your life direction is? Want to know your purpose better?

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth with Foundations: A Deeper Look Within.

We will be covering how your life history shapes your core values as you complete your personal inventory to discern your preferred future and write out your mission statement and set goals for the year.

Foundations: A Deeper Look Within series consists of five sessions

  • Date/time: 7-9pm, Thursday weekly starting on 22 Feb 2024
  • Venue: Cru Centre (Level 3) #03-01 18 Verdun Road
  • Cost: Registration fee of $20 is inclusive of GST, course materials and light refreshments.

For enquiries, please email leaderimpact@cru.org.sg

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Get Connected


A small group coaching program with a holistic approach to leadership development.

LeaderImpact Groups

Join a community of reading leaders. Learn about leadership in business, family, and life!

Lessons from Leaders Eat Last

“Leaders Eat Last” advocates for leaders to adopt an “eat last” mentality in how they work with their teams. Read more!

Venture Solo

Venture Solo Training is designed for marketplace leaders who are looking to share their own faith journey in a relevant way with their peers.


The word training is a misnomer. One assumes once a person has gone through leadership training, one is automatically a leader. Leadership development is a journey, and here in LeaderImpact we provide that platform & environment to help leaders grow professionally, personally, and spiritually. The term spiritually is not limited to the religious but it’s about our core center that drives and motivates us. It’s where our core values, life scripts, and life foundations are, that guides us in many leadership & personal decisions. Here in LeaderImpact, we advocate that for leaders to make a positive impact, one must live an integrated life.

It can cost zero to thousands of dollars. But not to develop as leaders will cost us our ability to make positive impact. While leadership courses, training, or programs are important, it is what happens after these that is more important. In LeaderImpact, we provide a community that helps leaders put the leadership principles gleaned from courses, training, and programs into action through regular peer mentoring meetings.

While leadership courses, training, and programs can be modular, they cannot be expressed modularly. While a basic course can take a few hours, an experienced leader knows that leadership is a lifelong learning journey a leader needs to embrace, lest one becomes obsolete.

It is only worth it if we can put what we learn into practice, to see visible change in the leader’s life and in the lives of others. In LeaderImpact, we emphasize the importance of empowering employees to achieve their organizational mission.

The core of any leadership program, training, course, must be changed lives, empowering employees & advancing organizational mission. At LeaderImpact we address both organizational & personal growth by building the leader’s spiritual core mentioned above.

Cru Singapore is a passionate and committed collective of people, devoted to unlocking each individual's potential while deepening their relationship with God through mission trips, campus ministry initiatives, discipleship training and more. We proudly provide programs for families, leadership trainings and career opportunities for those who are keen on applying their God-given skills to help others. Join us on our journey of purpose!


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