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Reflection on The Significant Woman

Ng Chern Nee August 31, 2022

I was at the crossroads of my career and, ultimately, life. At age 52, I felt that I had plateaued in my company. Despite a long and illustrious career, I felt this deep calling to leave the secular world and instead serve Him and His Kingdom in the second half of my life.


By divine appointment, my cell group friend alerted me to this course from Cru. Being an alumnus herself, she highly recommended this short course as she herself had benefitted greatly from it, and she felt I would too. This course gave her the clarity on what is God’s purpose for her and how she could better use her spiritual gifts to serve God. When I heard this, I felt that this WAS the course I was looking for.

During the course preview, I was able to resonate with the sharing from previous attendees and facilitators.  I felt this would be the course that would help me understand God’s purpose for me.  This applied not only to my career decisions but also what I could do to serve God. I signed up without any hesitation and started attending the online course from Feb till May 2022. And what an amazing journey it had been. 

I got to know 11 amazing women, who just like me, were seeking God’s purpose in their lives in our unique season(s). We were facilitated by not one, not two, but three wonderful spiritual sisters in Christ who gently guided us each and every step of the 8-week course. Fellowship blossomed and we got to know one another better as the weeks went by. Personal stories were shared, and it was so amazing to see how God had touched their lives and molded their faith through highs and lows.  Psalm 23:4 comes to my mind: Even though I walk through the valley of shadow of death, I will fear no evil as you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. This is such an apt verse as it clearly came alive through their sharing.

There were many memorable parts of this course but 2 elements made the deepest impression on me.


The Seven Bs

What are they? The 7 Bs are 7 different compartments in our lives that are important and need to be in sync with how God intended us to be. They are:

  • Belief
  • Body
  • Beloved
  • Best Friends
  • Budget
  • Business
  • Be Renewed

With both individual work and group discussions, my takeaway is that whilst I profess to trust God with my children (Beloved), I actually still hold onto them too tightly and do not fully trust God that He has good plans for them in His perfect timing. I fret over their studies, their relationships, their values and even their sleeping and gaming habits. Through this course, I learnt that God loves them much more than us earthly parents do, and that when we profess to trust the Lord with all our hearts (Proverbs 3:5), we need to ask ourselves “Do we trust 100%, or just 95%”? Well, I am still learning how to yield FULLY to God’s will and to believe that God has specific plans and purposes for each of my boys, and that His plans are meant to prosper them and give them hope. I am still a work in progress and I pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to shape my faith towards FULL trust in God.


From left to right, Chestnut, Chern Nee, Sharon and Peck Chee (facilitators) at a dinner fellowship.

Personal Mission Statement

We have all heard about corporate mission statements or even marketing slogans like Just Do It from Nike.  But do you know your personal mission statement in accordance with God’s intent for you? Well, I didn’t until this project. 

I grew up in a Taoist family and it was only in my early 40s that my boss and my colleague brought me to faith by gifting me A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I took it as a sign from the heavens to read the book and that brought me to be curious about the Bible. With God’s grace, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior in 2010.

I am at a season of my life where I want to serve God more and more. I do know I have a heart for my friends and family who are non-Christians. Looking at the world around us and the incessant strife and pressures from all aspects of society, I know deep down that sharing the gospel and bringing more people to know God is an urgent mission. In this chaotic world we are now in, the only order that we need to obey is God’s purpose for our lives. God is our Creator, and His commandments are righteous, good and perfect. My mission field is none other than my family and friends that God has blessed me with so abundantly.  

So, what is my personal mission statement after this course? It is to live out God’s truths so that friends and family will accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and lead transformed lives.

I am truly glad to be part of this project. Not only did I gain clarity on my personal mission statement, I also befriended 11 amazing ladies who have blessed me richly with their heart-felt testimonies on how they came to faith and how God walked with them throughout their trials and challenges. 

What I have shared in this article has only touched lightly on what this course can offer. I strongly encourage each of you to consider joining this course and discover for yourself the true purpose that God has for you. So do come, be blessed so that in turn, you can bless others too.


The Significance Project

The Significance Project is a discipleship course that incorporates life-coaching methods along with facilitators and personal peer coaches to help participants discover their personal mission. We believe having a personal mission statement helps you stay grounded in what God has called you to do, and this influences every facet of your life.

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