Jacky (right) with a villager at a Vision Clinic.
Christian Stories About Helping Others

To the Ends of the Earth

The story of Jacky Tan and overseas missions to the most rural and isolated areas of the world

Travelling to the farthest and most remote parts of the world and experiencing little to no running water, inconsistent electricity supply and limited Internet coverage is something that not many of us get to do in our lifetimes. However, for Jacky Tan, Team Lead of the Humanitarian Ministry, it has been the hallmark of his life’s work over the past 32 years.


rural children photo A chicken farm set up for an evangelist in Thailand not only provides a source of income but also produces nutritious eggs for the children in the community.


It all started back in 1997, when Jacky was 31 and single. He was involved with overseas humanitarian missions in a creative access nation in East Asia. Jacky and his team visited the country regularly, buying and transporting over 100 tonnes of rice and corn, and medical supplies to be distributed in several rural villages—these were made possible through the building of good relationships with the country’s external-facing authorities.

In each of their visits, they were closely monitored and scrutinised, making travels challenging. Despite the restrictions and dangers, God amazingly opened doors every step of the way.

On many occasions, Jacky and his team were stopped at the customs border, and told that they were not allowed to bring in the JESUS film cassette tapes. Those were tense moments—many months of missions efforts might be wasted, not to mention the very real possibility of being thrown into prison. By God's divine favour, some of the travelling companions were senior government officials who waved off the customs and the team was allowed to continue on their trip.


vision clinic photo Jacky (left) sharing the gospel while checking eyesight and providing eyeglasses to rural communities at the Vision Clinic.


What spurs Jacky to continue working in the field of overseas missions, in the most rural parts of the world? "This all started because God saved me," he shared. "Now, I want to pass this gift on to others. It's not just about sharing the message of the gospel, but also practically enhancing their lives by providing food, supplying clean water, and sharing agricultural experience. I am just a conduit for God to show His love to those who have yet to know Him.”

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