Short-term Missions

Explore a range of opportunities with us on our short-term mission trips. #GO – till His Kingdom comes!

#GO – till His Kingdom comes!

If twelve ordinary men could change the world… imagine the life-changing, transformational impact of sending thousands to bring the Good News to the Nations!

#GO is Cru Singapore’s missions thrust to send 200 teams to impact 20 nations in 25 months beginning in December 2023. We desire to join God where He is at work. It is about the souls of men - bringing hope to humanity and witnessing lives transformed through obedience to the Holy Spirit.

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Will you #GO?

Types of Trips

Our strategy is a four-pronged approach focusing on Outreach and DiscipleshipHumanitarian AidMedical Aid and Refugee Outreach

We offer 1-3 weeks trips for our short-term projects. Visit the following types of trips and come explore a range of opportunities with us!


Community Outreach

You will partner with local churches in their efforts to bless and reach the community. Exercise your giftings and utilize your skill sets by organising English or Gospel camps, sports or interest-groups activities, conducting topical seminars or relevant training.

Click on the trips for more info:

  • LIFT (3-7 December 2023) [Register by: 29 October]
  • LIFT (10-14 December 2023) [Register by: 5 November]
  • West Asia (14-24 April 2024) [Register by: 3 March]
  • West Asia (21-30 April 2024) [Register by: 10 March]
  • Japan (4-14 May 2024) [Register by: 17 February]
  • Japan (17-27 May 2024) [Register by: 1 March]
  • Mongolia (22-29 May 2024) [Register by: 1 April]
  • Straits Project (1-7 June 2024) [Register by: 20 April]
  • Japan (19-29 July 2024) [Register by: 5 May]


Prayer and Vision Journeys

Prayer is one of the most powerful mission strategies. On these trips, a guide will lead you through a 3-5 day prayer walk to intercede for the needs of the land. You will have the opportunity to interact with the local people, hear stories from the field and experience the culture of the land.

Stay tuned as we form more trips!



Bring aid, support, and assistance to communities in need. Some opportunities include providing medical care,education, clean water, food, or other essential services.

Click on the trips for more info:

Campus Project

Befriend and connect with the youths through games and activities. Reach out to campus students through conversations, exchange stories and experience each other's cultures!

Stay tuned as we form more trips!

Reflections From Past Trippers

“..God's heart is to see His children come to know him and the church to be a place of hope, help and healing, in the midst of the pandemic.” 

  - Belicia, participant from REDproject trip to Thailand (October 2021)


“Things may seem to be moving slowly.. but surely the Lord is moving mightily among the pre-believersand opening their hearts to the gospel and the love of Christ. We need to pray continually for the missionaries, pastors, mission workers..” 

 - Ivan, participant from REDproject trip to Japan (June 2022)


“The harvest is plentiful and workers are few. Sometimes we don't need a specific reason to serve in the nations. We just do it simply because there
 needs everywhere. All we need to offer are open hearts and minds.”

  - Joy, participant for in-person trip to Japan (December 2022)


“God is a strategic God. The way he uses people and their unique skills and abilities is very detailed and precise. He has a plan... He can bring people together to partner with Him…” 

- Keziah, participant for in-person trip to Thailand (March 2023)

Short-term Missions FAQ

Short-term mission trips can be effective! We believe that everyone should hear and respond to the gospel of God's love. All of us can make a difference in someone's life – be it by sharing the gospel message directly, serving with our skill sets or simply offering someone the ministry of presence.

There is more to be done for His kingdom work; Short-term missions help to spur personal growth because of the vast amount of spiritual lessons you will witness, learn and put into practice on the mission field.

One of the significant benefits of short-term mission trips is witnessing the transformative power of Christianity in action. By stepping out of their comfort zones and serving others in a different cultural context, mission team members often experience a deeper understanding and appreciation of their faith. This personal growth can translate into a stronger commitment to following Christ and sharing the gospel message back home The mission team’s presence also brings encouragement to the local long-term missionaries.

A Cru Singapore mission trip is typically led by our full-time staff who will provide leadership and direction. Trips vary in size and participants are to commit to pre-trip meetings to prepare well for the mission. Attend these sessions and take them seriously to maximise the impact of the trip.

No prior mission experience is needed, all first-timers are welcomed! Unless indicated, local language proficiency is not a requirement, but always a bonus!

You can find our trips listed in chronological order on the side here. Visit the different trips to read each trip's description. After you click on the box (on the right) labelled "Attendee", you will be directed to the login page. You would need to create an account in order to sign up and make payment for registration fees.

The non-refundable *$50 (GST inclusive) registration fee charge covers administrative costs and other incidentals.

*The $50 registration fee is waived for participants going on another trip within the same calendar year. Please do not make payment (you may ignore the QR code payment). If you are going on another trip with us, do write in to to let us know so that we can waive the fee for you.

For participants ages 13 to 18, the registration fee is $30. Registration fee is waived for participants ages 12 and below.

Going on a Christian mission trip involves a combination of preparation, prayer, and action. Before deciding to go on a mission trip, spend time in prayer and discernment. Seek God's guidance and ask for wisdom about where and how to serve. Consider your gifts, skills, and passions, and how they can be used to serve others. Our short-term missions offer a variety of trips and opportunities to serve, so find one that matches your interests and skills.

Each of us might have an idea of how missions ought to look, but as we choose to give off the little that we have, in turn, we will receive in unexpected ways. Avail your hands and feet to serve and bring the Gospel to people who have yet to hear about Jesus.

You can also expect to get to know people of different cultures and backgrounds even on your own team!

Planning a short-term mission trip can be a complex and challenging process. To ensure that the trip has the highest chance of success, it is essential to approach the planning process with intentionality and thoroughness. Here are some steps to consider when planning a short-term mission trip:

  1. Determine the purpose of the trip
  2. Identify the target group
  3. Recruit a team
  4. Plan the logistics
  5. Prepare spiritually and culturally
  6. Post-trip follow-up

For individuals or church groups who might want to lead and form your own teams, you may email us to indicate your interest.

Our short-term mission trips range from 5 days to 3 weeks. The duration can vary depending on the nature of the trip, the location, and the goals. While the length of a mission trip is important, it is essential to focus on the trip's quality and impact. Regardless of the duration, a well-planned and executed mission trip can have a lasting impact on the participants and the communities they serve.

The estimated cost for our current mission trips can be found here upon clicking on the specific mission projects. The cost can vary widely depending on the location, duration, and nature of the trip. Some trips may be more expensive due to the cost of airfare, accommodations, meals, and ministry expenses.

You can opt to support-raise or self-fund for the mission trip you will be participating in. Support raising allows others to support you in finances and prayer, thereby contributing to God's kingdom work through you. It also helps to raise awareness of the need and importance of going. By seeking support, you are no longer representing yourself—but the whole body of Christ, His Church, is behind you as you go to the world with His Good News.

For more information, you may contact us at

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