Christian Stories About Helping Others

Medical relief work in West Asia

Jocelyn Chua

Our team of medical professionals and volunteers went to West Asia in April for medical relief work and it was one of the most amazing experiences I have had. While at the disaster zone, we visited three refugee camps and a village along the outskirts of the city. Clueless about how we could render assistance to the refugees we met, we gathered to pray, to ask for direction from the Holy Spirit as well as for opportunities to present themselves to us.


Ministry of Presence

At the third camp, we met a lady who approached to ask if I could take a picture with her son. After taking a few photos together, I used a translation app to find out how she was doing. I remember asking if she had lost anyone in the disaster. She then broke down, and mentioned that she had lost her brother and mother. I hugged her and cried alongside her, and in that moment, I felt this bond with her, even though we had only just met! Later on, she invited us to her sister-in-law’s home, and welcomed us with coffee, flat bread and grape molasses. We took the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with them, and prayed for them as well. 

We also met with a mother, who asked for help for her sick 15-day old baby girl. After I did the requisite checks, I explained that we did not have medication for infants, but also reassured her that as long as the baby was feeding well and had no difficulty in breathing, she would naturally recover. Similarly, I shared that we are Christians, and offered to pray for them, which she agreed to. As I prayed for them and for the many others whom I met throughout the trip, I could feel God’s love for them, as though He was saying, "These are My people too"


Blessed to be a Blessing

Looking back, it is amazing how God uses missions to not only allow us to be a blessing to others, but also for us to be blessed in unexpected circumstances! My heart has always been for missions, and I am thankful that God has placed the world in my heart and gave me a passion for nursing.

Through a trip like this, the medical assistance we render is simply a conduit for us to spark spiritual conversations, and to ultimately share about Jesus. It is truly joy overflowing, knowing that my passion, vocation, and calling, have all been melded together to serve and glorify God. 

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