Alejandra, on left, with her mentor Sandra Cubillo Photo by Ted Wilcox
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Changing Family

Alejandra's new relationship with God is leading her family back to faith as well

Alejandra Dubon with Emilie Vinson

I grew up in a Christian home, but I didn’t understand Jesus. I used to go to church because my mom and I went together. I just looked for Jesus when I was having troubles. When I came to school, I left church behind, because my studies were first.

Last year when the International School Project came to look for interpreters to work with them, I said, “I want to.” I applied, and went to their 5-day conference.

On the fourth day, it was July 18. I remember the date. Mr. Gary Stanly was a presenter at the conference, and he said that he wanted to pray for us. His prayer was really deep, and I felt that the prayer was just for me, though there were 400 teachers in the room.

I started to cry. He was saying that God had prepared a lot of good things for Honduras, and that God was knocking on our doors, that there was an opportunity to receive Him. And I felt that Mr. Stanly was praying just for me.

Later, I approached him, because he knew that I was working with ISP. And I told him that the prayer really touched my heart. He saw that I was crying, and he told me, “I’m going to pray for you.” And he started to pray again. I said, “I accept Jesus in my heart. I want Him to be with me, and I don’t want Him to go, because He has opened my eyes on this day.”

God works in different ways. I was – still am – a simple person, but now that I have God working before me, He’s opening the way. I feel like I was born again. Actually, I was!

I have told other people about Jesus. At the beginning, my friends would say, “What are you talking about?” Because they knew who I was before. So, for them, now that they see I’m talking about Jesus, they have many questions. They ask, “What is happening to Alejandra?” And this is my answer: “Now Jesus is in my heart.” They started asking me how that happened, how that was possible.

In my hometown, I talked to 2 people. They both accepted Jesus, after reading The Four Laws. It has been amazing. I am enjoying this.

And the important part is that it’s not just changing my life – it’s my family’s lives. Now that they have seen what I am doing, they are wondering. And now my dad and mom are trying to go back to church, as well as my brother and a sister. Every single day, I send a text message with a Bible passage for my mom to read. She’s reading the Bible now. What I’m doing, she and my dad are also doing at home. They see what I’m doing, and they want to walk with Jesus again.

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