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Radvile Aleknaite

University Student in Lithuania: How I Became a Christian

Radvile Aleknaite with Sarah Freyermuth

I was looking for God.

It was my second year in university. It was very hard for me because I found it very disappointing. It was not what I expected. People around me were very materialistic. I didn't know the purpose of life, how to grow, which way to choose. I didn't have any peace.

There was an advertisement in our dorm for a film festival on spiritual topics. I decided it would be interesting.

That evening [at the film festival], a missionary said that they were looking for people who would attend English symposiums to improve leadership skills. I decided it would be good to go to improve my English.

In the beginning of each symposium, the people presented various topics, then divided us into different groups and gave us questions to discuss together.

Renata [a Campus Crusade for Christ staff member] asked if maybe I would like to meet with her and talk about God. We met that evening, and she explained the Gospel to me.

I grew up in a [religious] family, and we used to go to church, but I didn't really know God. I realized that it was very important that Christ died for us and that we accept Him, that people will have eternal life and can have an abundant life even now.

For 11 years, I was looking for the purpose in life. I didn't have any peace. I accepted Christ, and now I live in peace. I understand the purpose and know that I am created for God. I know that there is a Person who loves me unconditionally, that I am safe with Him no matter what happens.

This year, my mother died, and my grandmother followed. Knowing God, I was able to find comfort. It still hurts a lot. In all my sad moments, I hear God saying, "I love you, I will never forsake you." He's my refuge.

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Radvile Aleknaite is a 22 year-old economics student at Vilnius University in Vilnius, Lithuania. Upon graduation, she is considering joining the staff of Agape, Campus Crusade for Christ in Lithuania.

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