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Are You #READY for Easter?

At Cru Singapore, we are passionate about connecting others to Jesus, and helping Christians do the same. While this is something we constantly do and even teach, be it among our students, working adults or families, this doesn’t stop us from challenging ourselves to do it better. 

How do we help reach Singapore? How can we activate and motivate Christians to live out their faith, so that they can reach everyone around them with the gospel? 

That was how the #READY campaign was born - #Reaching Everyone ArounD You.

“Worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it.” 1 Peter 3:15, NLT

With this burden from the Lord, and taking our reference from 1 Peter 3:15, the #READY team crafted a strategy to equip the church to be ready to live out our faith authentically and especially in the digital space. This campaign is co-championed by our friends from Indigitous, One For Jesus, Salt&Light, SYFC Poly Ministry,, and Alpha Singapore.

#READY campaign (January to April 2022) comprises three phases -- equipping through public webinars, a 40-day journey on Telegram to encourage believers to share their faith, and finally culminating with a Digital Day of Outreach (DDO) over the Easter weekend. At the crux of the campaign is a strong emphasis on changing mindsets --that evangelism is really about encountering Jesus and living out our faith authentically. We hope to encourage Christians to be bold in sharing their stories, building friendships and loving people. We equip them through our webinars to be evangelists yet maintain their authentic selves on social media. 

At present, we have hosted five #READY webinars on topics such as ‘Conversational Hacks for Evangelism’. We are thrilled that nearly 3,000 participants from more than 8 countries joined us either live or via Youtube. 

At DDOs, believers make concerted, intentional efforts to reach out digitally. We have equipped and encouraged 120 Christian leaders to host DDOs and mobilise their communities to do the same. 

At our 1-hour DDO taster session, participants reached out to 33 old friends,  leading to spiritual conversations with 9 of them. Among them is Cristy, who had two friends asking to chat more over a video call. Two other participants commented that, “Sharing about Jesus starts with letting Him take the lead.” and “I've learned how to be intentional in reaching out, sitting down and allotting time.” 

Indeed, the first step to reaching out is to be intentional. As we approach Good Friday and Easter Sunday, would you join us in this movement to trust God for meaningful engagement? All your friends and family are #READY on your phone. Will you step out in faith?

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