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Christian Stories About Helping Others

We Have Lift-Off!

#GO, Cru Singapore’s short-term missions sending emphasis, sent its first team successfully last December. In that month alone, 11 teams, consisting of 100 participants, were sent out into the harvest in six nations! They returned with many encounters of God’s blessings.

The impact of our #GO teams is in the following four areas:


Outreach and Discipleship

A team was involved in migrant worker hostel outreach in Thailand, where they spent one Sunday partnering with a migrant fellowship. Together, they were able to reach out to four different hostels and a home. The team also had the opportunity to share the Christmas message, sing carols, and share personal testimonies.

Humanitarian Aid

Four water purification systems were donated to a village in a creative-access location. These will be used by the local church to provide drinking water as well as to create opportunities to share “living waters” that provide eternal life.


Consultation at the medical clinic Consultation at the medical clinic


Medical Aid

A team of medical students and Cru Singapore staff went to Manila and provided the Aeta and Mangyan tribes with medical clinics. They also conducted children’s ministry and feeding programmes and blessed each family with grocery items. Besides that, the team also visited three prisons, three orphanages, an elderly home, and an elementary school where the gospel was shared.

Refugee Outreach

Teams were sent to work among Rohingya refugee children, blessing them through educational programmes. They were also able to encourage and provide additional resources to the local volunteers who run the day-to-day activities at the education centre.



  • 128 prayed and received Christ
  • 34 mass outreach events
  • 1889 exposed to the Gospel
  • 1360 heard the full Gospel


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