Short-term Projects


Bible and Gospel Literature Distribution

You will be involved in the distribution of Bibles and gospel literature to tourists from creative access countries at a port of disembarkation. You can play a part in life transformation by placing the life-giving Word of God into the hands of people who may have never seen or read the Bible before.

(Closed) West Asia, 19-26 April 2019

Share God's story through story-telling/skit/ preaching. Distribute tracts. Get involved with English Clubs. Prayer walk. Outreach to young professionals. Participants must be fluent in English.

Community Outreach

You will partner with local churches in their efforts to bless and reach the community. Exercise your giftings and utilize your skill sets by organising English or Gospel camps, sports or interest-groups activities, conducting topical seminars or relevant training.

Nawngkhio, Myanmar

Have a heart for children & youth ministry? Great! You will get to teach English, computer, Bible lessons, and take them through devotion and games. Additionally, you will get the opportunity to pray and care for the local community. Participants must be able conversant in Mandarin.


8 days in December. Estimated cost: $1,300-$1,500. Run various programmes and be involved in visitation during Christmas period. Participants should be able to speak simple Mandarin.

Northern Thailand

7 day humanitarian trip. Rebuild the roofs of homes belonging to recovering drug addicts. Cost to be confirmed.

Central Thailand

Participate in Church outreach programs, teach in local schools, minister to children and more!

Prayer & Vision Journeys

Prayer is one of the most powerful mission strategies. On these trips, a guide will lead you through a 3-5 day prayer walk to intercede for the needs of the land. You will have the opportunity to interact with the local people, hear stories from the field and experience the culture of the land.

East Asia, 9-17 August 2019

Take the opportunity to intercede for and interact with people of a different faith. Participants must be able to converse in English and simple Mandarin. 8 days in August 2019.

Things To Note

  1. All projects are open only to participants residing in Singapore
  2. Projects(exact dates, costs etc) are tentative and subject to change
  3. Costs cover airfare, in-country expenses and ministry expenses
  4. Participants are required to attend the briefings and training conducted for the project. Failure to do so without valid reasons may affect your eventual participation in the project. Dates are to be confirmed.

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