How You Can Witness Effectively: The Means

Booklets like the Four Spiritual Laws are useful in a variety of situations.

Bill Bright

We don't claim that the Four Spiritual Laws message is the only way to introduce others to Christ or even the best way. But we do know that literally millions of men and women have received Christ through the direct, simple presentation of the gospel contained in this booklet. According to our estimate, more than one billion copies have been distributed in all of the major languages of the world.

Misunderstanding Leads to Woman Accepting Christ

Many stories have come to my attention of the effectiveness of the Four Spiritual Laws. I'm thinking, for example, of a church whose senior pastor had come to our headquarters for training and was very excited about using the Four Spiritual Laws. He went back to share his enthusiasm with his church and with his assistant minister. The assistant was not impressed by the booklet. He disliked tracts, and this looked like just another tract. He tossed it on his desk, not even bothering to read it.

A few days later a city official came by to inspect the church facilities. As she was about to leave after her inspection it suddenly occurred to the assistant minister that he had not talked to her about Christ. He looked around quickly, and the only thing he saw was the Four Spiritual Laws booklet, which he had tossed aside in disgust some days previously. He gave it to her, saying, "Read this," meaning that she should read it when she got home.

She misunderstood, however, and began to read it aloud in his presence. She read every word, and by the time she got to Law Four, tears were streaming down her cheeks. She came to the prayer and prayed aloud, leading herself to Christ. By this time the assistant minister was so impressed that he came to Arrowhead Springs to find out for himself how he could be a more effective witness for Christ through training and the use of Four Spiritual Laws.

Booklet Melts Skepticism

Another heartwarming experience demonstrates the effectiveness of the booklet. A man, who was greatly admired in his home town, was not a Christian. In fact, he was known as the town skeptic because he never responded positively to the many who witnessed to him personally.

He had befriended the parents of a Christian friend who felt especially concerned for his salvation. After obtaining a Four Spiritual Laws booklet, this friend decided to call on the skeptic and read it to him. As he finished reading, he asked, "Does this make sense?"

The skeptic replied, "Yes, it does."

"Is there anything that would keep you from receiving Christ?"

"No," he said.

The two men then knelt together and prayed, and the "Skeptic" invited Christ into his life as his Savior and Lord.

When they arose, the friend was rejoicing with the man, who then stunned him with this question, "Is this what you and all the other Christians have been trying to tell me for years?"


"Well," continued this new brother in Christ, "why didn't you tell me? Any man would be a fool not to receive Christ if he really understood what is involved."

The gospel as contained in the Four Spiritual Laws booklet had cut right through the barrier of skepticism and indifference so that this man received the Lord Jesus.

Suggestions for Evangelism as a Lifestyle

Now, permit me to share several simple suggestions that will help you to introduce others to Christ as a way of life.

First, begin every day with prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to empower and lead you to those whose hearts He has prepared.

Second, relate to people in a loving, natural, personal way. Avoid being mechanical. Everyone responds to love. As you walk in love, the Spirit of God will confirm to those with whom you are sharing Christ that you are genuine; that you are not simply trying to win an argument or promote a cause; and that you have taken time to talk to them because you truly love them with God's love.

Not everyone will be prepared to receive Christ or even be positive in his response. Some may even be antagonistic. God may want you to sow the seed to use you as an instrument of harvest. Whatever the case, relax and let Him do what He wants to do through you.

Remember, just as all fruit in an orchard is not ripe at the same time, so some individuals will be ripe for harvest and others will still be green - not yet ready to respond to the gospel. Consider every gospel conversation a great privilege and opportunity, not a legalistic responsibility. Think of God's great love, of what knowing Him has meant to you and what it will mean to others when they receive Christ. Make sharing your faith in Christ a way of life.

Third, use a clear, simple presentation of the gospel. There are many benefits which result from using a tool such as the Four Spiritual Laws. Let me list some of them:

  1. It enables you to open your conversation easily and naturally.
  2. It begins with a positive statement - "God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life."
  3. It presents the gospel and the claims of Christ clearly and simply.
  4. It gives you confidence in your witnessing because you know what you are going to say and how you are going to say it.
  5. It enables you to be prepared at all times and to stick to the subject without getting off on tangents.
  6. It makes it possible for you to be brief and to the point.
  7. It enables you to lead others to a personal decision through a suggested prayer.
  8. It offers suggestions for growth, including the importance of involvement in the church.
  9. And, of special importance, it is a "transferable tool" whereby those whom you introduce to Christ can be encouraged and trained to lead others to Christ also.


Adapted from the Transferable Concept: How You Can Introduce Others To Christ, by Dr. Bill Bright, co-founder of Campus Crusade for Christ. © Cru. All rights reserved.

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