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Attachment Series

No man is an island. We are all created and wired for social connections as human beings. This is why relationships affect our mental health and emotional well-being so much. Yet perhaps many of us don’t seem to do very well in the area of relationships. 

Hurt people hurt people. If we have not healed from past hurts in relationships, it may sometimes affect our ability to trust people and build meaningful relationships. Another factor that may affect our ability to build good relationships is our attachment styles and that is being developed in our childhood. 

This is one topic I'm passionate about so I really  hope you will enjoy this series, and I hope our content will help you understand your attachment styles better, so you can grow in how you relate with others and enjoy your relationships even more! -Pamela Koh (Founder & Clinical Director of ThriveSg)

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Grieving Well Series

Experiencing loss is a part of life. Pamela Koh shares why it is important to grieve well & not let unresolved grief impact our life, and thrive significantly.

Debunking the myths of grieving

Are there cultural myths of grieving hindering you from facing your grief? Will you let this short snippet from our founder, Pamela Koh, where she debunks some of these unhelpful cultural myths inspire you to  deal with your grief because “grieving is not a sign of weakness but a very courageous thing!” 

Please help us to like & share this important message out to others who may need encouragement in facing their grief. 

How do I grieve well

Don't miss this short 2-min snippet from our founder & lead counsellor, Pamela Koh as she shares her TOP TIPS on ways to help you grieve well, and why  awareness of our coping mechanisms is so helpful & what usually leads us to to grieve and deal with our childhood traumas!

How to Help Children Grieve

You don't want to miss this reel where our founder, Pamela Koh, shares with you 4 of her TOP TIPS on "how to help children grief." 

Regardless whether you're a parent or a child, these are tips that may be helpful to you too in regulating your emotions! If we have not learnt them as children, it is never too late to learn them now & grow!

She also shares her "forest of grief" analogy that explains the relationship between grief and hope. 

Find out more & please help us share this out to other parents or anyone whom you think may benefit from these tips!

IG LIve on Grieving Well to Thrive

Grieving Well To Heal From Losses

IG Live 1 (8.30-9.30pm, 10 May 2022, Tues)

Losses are part of life yet many of us struggle with grieving our losses. We need to grieve to heal from losses. Pamela shares the hindrances to grieving well so you can heal from losses.

Grieving Well To Heal From Traumas

IG Live 2 (8.30-9.30pm, 17 May 2022, Tues)

What has grief got to do with Traumas? Traumas are negative experiences you have been through that affected you deeply. Pamela helps you understand why grieving is necessary for healing from traumas so you can let go of past baggage & thrive in life!

Grieving Well To Heal From Thrive

IG Live 3 (8.30-9.30pm, 24 May 2022, Tues)

How do you know that you have grieved well? Pamela shares with you ways to know that you have grieved well. Grieving well will enable us to move on to thrive in life despite the losses you have experienced.

Trauma Series

Normalising trauma & overcoming the mental health

Fighting the mental health stigma is one mission that is very close to ThriveSg’s heart. Check out this video where Pamela Koh, the founder & lead counsellor of ThriveSg, shares her heart behind wanting to empower people to become more trauma-informed, so that we can normalise “trauma” and develop more compassion towards those struggling with mental or emotional issues. 

We may not all have experienced big T-traumas, but many of us may have experienced our share of small-t traumas. In this short video, Pamela also shares her passion in advocating a different perspective towards counselling in order to fight the mental health stigma. 

Ref: (Posted on IG, 11 Aug 2022)

Understanding childhood trauma

Our founder, Pamela Koh makes it easy for you to understand childhood trauma with a story from a Thriver she journeyed with. If you are curious, check out this short 4-min video & find out more if you haven't seen it.

Unresolved childhood traumas can continue to affect us as adults. Will you help us share this video to raise awareness & spread the hope that healing from childhood trauma is possible. See our recent posts for some handles to help heal your inner child. :)

Ref: (Posted on IG, 30 June 2022)

Interview with Coach Kubo

Caring for yourself in a Pandemic

It has been almost more than 2 years since we have been in a pandemic. Perhaps for many of us it has been challenging to adjust to a new normal, and to grieve the losses we experienced because of pandemic. 

As we continue to persevere through this, how do we build our emotional resilience? How do we care for our mental health? 

Ref: (Posted on IG, 23 Dec 2021)

Destigmatizing Mental Health

Hi everyone, really thankful for each of you that has joined our IG Tribe. Fighting the stigma around mental health is a mission that is close to ThriveSg's heart. 

Coach Kubo and I go all the way back to my time in Japan when he was my coach who guided me in working with students. Many of you may not know, but I actually have 16 years of experience working with young people, and for 6 years I worked among Japanese university students journeying with them, mentoring, and coaching them in Nagoya. 

Coach Kubo now leads the international students work at Power to Change in Australia. He recently did a mental health interview with me for the  students he works with in Sydney.

In this short 5 min snippet of the interview, I shared my concern about the stigma around mental health especially in Asian culture. Perhaps many of you might resonate with this! I also share how ThriveSg is doing her part to try and overcome this stigma.

Ref: (Posted on IG, 4 Nov 2021)

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ThriveSg champions a help-seeking culture through advocating a growth perspective towards counselling, to overcome the stigma of mental illnesses and emotional challenges.

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