moor·​ing | \ ˈmu̇r-iŋ

A nautical term, refering to an anchor to which a ship is secured to prevent it from being carried away by the waves.

An ever needed and timely reminder for us to keep close to the “anchor for our souls”, Moorings is a compilation of devotional reflections by Cru Singapore’s National Director, Lam Kok Hiang.

The following videos and accompanying reflection questions are pulled out from chapters of the book.

As we move through life, faith and everything in between, let’s take some time to dig deep and allow our hearts to be guided by our trustworthy Navigator. 



Reflection Questions

  • What does it look like for you personally to have Christ as the first priority in our lives?
  • Have you forsaken your first love by allowing seemingly good things to become substitutes?
  • What are some things that God may be speaking to you about, that you may need to start changing to return to your ‘First Love’?

Additional Reading

Revelation 2:1-5; Isaiah 43:22-28


Reflection Questions

  • What is your usual response to bad news or situations?
  • What are some things that you might need to remind yourself about the Lord that would help yourself trust Him instead of worry in response?
  • Are there any situations currently that you need to commit wholeheartedly to God? Surrender your fears to the Lord. 

Additional Reading

Psalm 34




Looking for some food for your soul? 

Below are some short devotional reads to create some space for you and God and perhaps even refocus your perspective. 

Letters from the National Director

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