Christian Living

Art and Culture - What is a Christian’s Responsibility?

How can Christians make a genuine impact on the culture around them? Andy Crouch, former editor of Christianity Today, shares his thoughts in his book Culture Making.

How to Serve God and Last the Long Haul

Joy in serving God is a transformative experience that can bring fulfillment, purpose, and meaning to our lives. Learn more with Cru Singapore.

Living in the Tension

We are assured of our future life with Christ, but still here on earth. How one believer has decided to wait in joy.

The Reality of Relationships When Adulting

“Becoming an adult is the process of moving out of a ‘one-up/ one-down’ relationship and into a peer relationship to other adults.”

What is Your Burden?

Find what ministry God might be calling you toward

Overcoming Bitterness, Living Free

Like showers of rain on a scorching day, there’s relief in finding out that it is possible to think and live differently.

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