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My Story: Blake

Former atheist Blake has found new life in Christ.

Blake Cavanagh
Image courtesy of Ian Finnon

Becoming a Christian was the biggest decision of my life. It was not an easy decision, nor a quick one.

I first met Michael on campus. He was a Christian. He came up to me while I was reading the paper and asked if I would answer a survey about my religious views and what I thought I knew about Christianity. Actually I was a staunch atheist who knew almost nothing about Jesus. We talked about Christianity and met up a few more times.

Although I had a better understanding of the Christian faith at the end of the semester, I just did not think there was enough reason to believe.

During the next semester, while eating lunch with a friend, we were approached by two of Michael’s friends from Campus Crusade for Christ. One was named Gareth. We ended up talking about the historical argument for Christianity (my friend and I both study Ancient History).

I agreed to meet up with Gareth weekly to discuss what history could prove about Christ’s life and resurrection. I came to the difficult conclusion there is a strong historical case for the central tenets of the Christian faith. This was a pretty big step for me.

Eventually Gareth asked me to go to a conference with him to get a better idea of what it is like to be a Christian. While I had begun to admit that Christianity was a real option, being surrounded by hundreds of evangelical Christians struck me as pretty intimidating. Despite this, I went.

There, for the first time in my life, I saw what it truly meant to be a Christian. This group of Christ-followers showed genuine love for God and each other. I realized that having a relationship with God was something that really attracted me.

Upon returning home I continued meeting with Gareth and some new friends I met at the conference. This was the home stretch for me as I started working through the final barriers in getting to know Jesus. I realized I needed to make a decision. I could not keep sitting on the fence spiritually.

On August 27, 2009, I prayed to God and placed my faith in Him. It was a long decision, but the best one I ever made. It has changed my goals, my way of thinking, and how I see the world.

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