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Share Your Faith Journey!

Venture Solo Training is designed for marketplace leaders who are looking to share their own faith journey in a relevant way with their peers. Be inspired by the faith stories of marketplace leaders all over the world, and learn how to:

  • Have honest conversations with your colleagues and peers
  • Capitalize opportunities to share in relevant and meaningful ways
  • Build confidence to speak into the spiritual needs of others

Created by the LeaderImpact Global team, Venture Solo training is an on-demand program that can be completed at your own pace. Though it was originally created for individuals, Venture Solo training can also be used with small groups.

Program materials include:

  • Training videos and workbook
  • Stories from other Leaders who are continuing to learn to share their own faith stories
  • Email prompts and access to an accountability coach if requested
  • Additional resources through the training
  • Access to a learning community which past and present Venturers can ask questions, leave comments and share experiences

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