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Kassidi Curtis with Bryn Gunning

In 2009, my dad passed away and I was mad: why did God take him from me? I felt so confused. I didn’t have anyone to rely on in and I had nowhere to go.

I had always assumed that God was disappointed in me, so I had no idea that I would find comfort and hope in Him. And I would never have guessed that I would learn this at a concert.

My sister Hayli and I went to a Keith Urban concert, and we were struck by what the opening band, 3Union, had to say.

The 3 brothers in 3Union explained that God is the reason they sing and make music. We could tell that they were genuine in their faith and it was so cool because normally people our age don’t talk about being close to God.

Hayli and I were determined to meet them so that we could learn to have a strong relationship with God like they did. We met them that night and continued going to their concerts where they’d talk about how to know God personally.

And 3Union became the older brothers we’d never had. Brandon, in particular, helped me to know that although I didn’t understand our circumstances, God is with me and He has a loving purpose behind everything.

Hayli and I both entered into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ as a result of these conversations.

I still don’t understand the circumstances in my life and in my family, but now I have hope in Christ.

Hayli and I want to know Him and to teach people about a relationship with Him. If you had told me a year ago that I would be close to God today, I wouldn’t have believed it.

I always thought God was disappointed in me, but now I know that God is with me and that He loves me unconditionally.

In addition to being baptized this fall, Hayli and I are reading the Bible together, eager to learn and grow closer to God, and hopeful that God will use us to help others to go through hard things. Now we know that God is always there for us and He has a specific purpose for our lives -- and to think that it all started at a concert!

Kassidi Curtis is a student at East Middle School in Martinsville, IN. She enjoys playing basketball and softball.

Keynote staff members, Bruce and Julie Boyd, give leadership to 3Union, a pop/rock band made up of their three sons, Brandon, Shaun, and Ryan.

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