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The “Foundations” program is part of “The Integrated Life” series developed by the LeaderImpact Global team. It was created with the intent of engaging leaders to develop themselves holistically: professionally, personally, and spiritually. Originally sessions were conducted face-to-face, but due to social distancing measures, our team at LeaderImpact Singapore has adapted “Foundations” to be conducted entirely online! 

“Foundations” consists of 4 sessions, once a week. Through the program, participants will:

  • Learn Leadership Principles from trained facilitators

  • Increase Self-Awareness through focused activities and discussion 

  • Join a Community dedicated to growth and leadership

Here is what our participants have to say:

"It has been a good time reflecting and looking deep within myself to help me guide my direction for the future."

~ Joanne K

"Thank you for the succinct yet in-depth sessions. They were meaningful, inspiring and recharging."

~ S.Y. Low

"Convenient timing and platform, good duration (not too long, pace good). Looking forward to joining further programs."

~ Ellie C

While some of the principles shared in this program may be from a Christian perspective, the skills and knowledge are universally effective and participants from all walks of life are welcome!

“Foundations” will resume early 2022!

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